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Chained prostitute outfit
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DT0Item HP400
Chained prostitute outfit
Exposed prostitute outfit
Prostitute outfit
Light armor & clothing
base id00110a71 (non-playable), 00120854 (playable)

The chained prostitute outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


The chained prostitute outfit is a piece of clothing that is worn by prostitutes on the strip. Note that the outfit looks a bit different depending on the gender of the non-player character wearing it. Both genders wear a spiked collar around their necks. If worn by a female, the top piece is a leather corset that wraps around the waist, not covering the players breasts or upper chest. Because the released game does not allow nudity, there are "X" shaped pieces of tape covering the wearer's nipples. The bottom piece is a pair of leather shorts. There is also a leather strap on the left leg as well a pair of high heels and what seem to be leather leg braces. To top it all off, the outfit is wrapped in chains. On a males, it appears as bondage harness on the chest with multiple leather bracelets and armbands. The bottom consists of a pair of low-rise, black leather pants worn over tighter brown pants, and a pair of black cowboy boots. This outfit is very provocative and is obviously not good to use in combat - it provides no damage threshold.


  • Worn by a hooker just outside of Gomorrah and by most inside. In order to obtain a set of this or any prostitute outfit, the prostitutes will have to be killed then looted, or you will have to reverse pickpocket them.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When an non-player character's legs are shot off the knee-high foot/leg-wear may remain in place as if the legs are still there and any intact severed legs will be bare.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Just like all the other prostitute outfits, if a female PC swims in the pool in the Ultra Lux Casino will cause the skirt to clip under the water, leaving the PC in black panties and the chest covering with the "X"s and chains. The "X" nipple coverings also appear to float an inch or so off of the PC's nipple area, but there are no nipples.