Chain That Binds

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Chain That Binds is a Brotherhood of Steel policy that requires all members of the Brotherhood to obey a superior's orders and maintain chain of command when issuing them with no skipping ranks. Ignoring the Chain that Binds can result in the ordering superior member being demoted or stripped of their title, such as in the case of former Elder Kenneth Jones,[1] as well as the avenue that Edgar Hardin can take in removing Elder Nolan McNamara,[2] although this is rarely implemented in practice. For example, High Elder John Maxson freely issued orders to the Initiate known as the Vault Dweller, without repercussions.[3]


The Chain That Binds is the cornerstone of our organization, the rock that supports the great tree of the Brotherhood and its myriad branches. It holds that:

1. Orders are to flow from on high down through the ranks. An order from a superior must always be obeyed, that their wisdom may be carried out without hesitation.

2. Orders are to observe the flow and not skip ranks. A superior may only give orders to his direct subordinates, and not to those beneath them. In this way harmony of intent and cohesion of thought is maintained.



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