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Cave fungus
Food bits on a stick.pngNVDLC02CaveFungusInv.png
Icon iguana bits.png
Cave fungus as seen in Fallout: New Vegas (left) and the Honest Hearts add-on (right)
+1 Hit Point per second for 4s
-10 Radiation
-15 Starvation
Component ofBlood shield Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.png
Healing poultice Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.png
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Cave fungus is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Cave fungi are pieces of fungus skewered on a stick, like a "kebab". They are difficult to find in the Mojave Wasteland, and are mainly used to make hydra at campfires. It is also one of the few consumables that removes radiation.

With the Honest Hearts add-on, cave fungi now appear as pickable fungi outgrowths in many caves around Zion Canyon, appearing as red glowing fungi and sometimes found with other different colored fungi such as green, yellow, blue, and white. Additionally, the item icon package changes to a box that says food across it, rather than the skewer, and the world object also changes to several red mushroom caps, instead of the skewer.

Effects of Survival skill

10+1 Hit Point, -18 Starvation60+2 Hit Point, -33 Starvation
20+1 Hit Point, -21 Starvation70+2 Hit Point, -36 Starvation
30+1 Hit Point, -24 Starvation80+2 Hit Point, -39 Starvation
40+1 Hit Point, -27 Starvation90+2 Hit Point, -42 Starvation
50+2 Hit Point, -30 Starvation100+3 Hit Point, -45 Starvation
Note: radiation levels are not affected by the Survival skill level.


  • Legionaries have a chance to drop these.
  • One can be found on the fourth level (common areas level) of Vault 22 in the kitchen/bar.
  • There are three located on the picnic table in the first long trailer in the Red Rock Drug Lab
  • Cave fungus can be found in very large amounts (50+) in most of the caves in the Zion Canyon, which requires the Honest Hearts add-on. The fungus in these caves will regrow given enough time.
  • They are often found on Tunnelers in the Lonesome Road.


  • Patch significantly increased cave fungus drop rates from Legionaries.
  • With Honest Hearts installed, along with the change to the world model, the icon has been updated to a generic image.