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Broc Flower item on list

On the list of items for Fallout New Vegas Miscellanous Items, the Broc Flower is listed as "Broc Flower (Fallout 2)". This appears to be an incorrect link. Does the author mean to link to "Broc Flower (Fallout: New Vegas)" instead?

But then, as that, it would be an AID item, not a Miscellaneous Item. So, is there a reason for having the "Broc Flower (Fallout 2)" item on the New Vegas Miscellaneous list?


Can we do something to improve the search field for books? At present, if one attempts to search on the word "book", nothing comes up. That is because all books in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas start with an adjective. Example: Large Burned Book, Small Ruined Book, Pre-War Book, etc.

Hence, if a reader is trying to do a search for all book types -- to see if they are of any real value (for quests or whatever), they need to ALREADY know the exact names for all the book types. Otherwise, they are not going to find anything.

Is there a way to set up a search link on just the word "book" -- or maybe just a generic article with the title "Book" (and that article serving no purpose but having a list of all the book types (and links [launches] on each item listed -- that will open the associated article)?