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Cat's Paw
Fo2 Cats Paw.png
Located just south of the famous New Reno arch, the Cat's Paw is part of the New Reno welcome mat
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Virgin Street)
Part ofNew Reno
LeadersMiss Kitty
QuestsDeliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty.

Tonight's match is brought to you by... ...the Cat's Paw! When you got that itch that you NEED to scratch.. Head to the Cat's Paw!

Jungle Gym announcer

The Cat's Paw is a brothel located on Virgin Street in New Reno and is among the first things a new visitor to Reno sees. The brothel is to the south of the Desperado, the Mordino casino. Despite its proximity to the Desperado, the Cat's Paw remains an independent operation, not under the control of any of the families.


According to Miss Kitty, the Cat's Paw had been, prior to the Great War, the photography studio for Cat's Paw magazine, issues of which are commonly found in the wasteland. Bringing an issue to Miss Kitty will open up a business opportunity: Kitty will be interested in purchasing a full set of ten issues.[1]

Management and business

Run by Miss Kitty, the brothel caters to any visitor to New Reno who has chips to spend. Kitty prides herself on being open-minded, reminding visitors to not be shy, since "we've heard it all." Their barker, Sheb, runs through a nearly inexhaustable list of various types of - as he colorfully states it - booty available.

Despite its independent status, the Cat's Paw does business with various New Reno families. Overheard comments from Miss Kitty indicate that the Cat's Paw is responsible for "staffing" penthouse parties at the Shark Club casino, as well as supplying girls to Myron at the Mordino Stables. Still, despite these "professional contracts," the Cat's Paw relies on individual services. A visitor to the Cat's Paw is always welcome. You can get in free as a Made Man, Prizefighter, or finished the game.

Miss Kitty also keeps detailed accounting books on revenues, tributes paid to the families etc., making her brothel a truly well-run establishment.


Women working in the Cat's Paw are undoubtedly the best escorts in the wasteland. They are extensively trained in various sexual techniques (and suppression of their natural revulsion towards their customers), are guaranteed to be completely clean (Miss Kitty maintains a strict "No jet" policy) and possess a great deal of insight into the human nature.

A small part of their offer includes: honey loving, the dipstick swirl, humjobs, various exotica, full upper and lower body workouts, handling super mutants and ghouls, reading dictionaries to robots (Skynet for example) and the "Kesting Special" - a special talking session for a customer looking for intellectual stimulation and free skill points for Speech.

Quests and opportunities

The player can get a permanent +1 Agility by first sleeping with Ms. Kitty and immediately afterwards sleeping with one of her prostitutes.

If ten issues can be brought to the Cat's Paw, Miss Kitty will be willing to part with the legendary Cat's Paw issue no.5 which, aside from its photographic studies, includes an in-depth article on energy weapons.[2]

The player can get a date with Miss Kitty herself, with the right dialogue choices, but only after he has finished the game.


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The Cat's Paw brothel appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Sheb, the man outside the business promoting its "wares" inside, is a cultural reference of Cheech Marin's character in the horror film From Dusk till Dawn.


  1. Miss Kitty: "{215}{}{(The woman before you is stunningly beautiful. As you address her, she looks up from her work, and smiles.) Ah, a new face! I'm Miss Kitty…welcome to the Cat's Paw.}"
    The Chosen One: "{229}{}{You know, I've been finding magazines named "Cat's Paw" throughout the desert, and I have no idea what they are. I have one right here.}"
    Miss Kitty: "{440}{}{(Looks surprised.) Let me see. (Glances at magazine.) Well, well…you know, I had heard a rumor that - in the pre-war years -- the Cat's Paw was a publishing house…for pornographic materials.}"
    The Chosen One: "{442}{}{This place was a publishing house?}"
    Miss Kitty: "{450}{}{Yes…the rooms here were used for film shoots with models from across the world. (Seems entranced by the magazine.) Quite a little piece of history you have there.}"
    The Chosen One: "{452}{}{I'm just glad to know what the damn thing is. It's irritating to keep examining it and getting that same message over and over. I'll probably STILL get it even though it's identified now.}"
    Miss Kitty: "{460}{}{You know…if you can bring me a complete set…say, ten issues, I'll buy them from you. They'd be good for a display, might attract customers. Are you interested?}"
    The Chosen One: "{463}{}{Sure. If I come across that many, I'll be sure to stop by.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{230}{}{Here's that collection of Cat's Paw magazines you asked for.}"
    Miss Kitty: "{470}{}{Wonderful! I'll give you $500 for the set.}"
    The Chosen One: "{472}{}{Sounds good. Here you go. But hey, careful with number five…the pages look like they are glued together.}"
    Miss Kitty: "{500}{}{Really? (Examines No. 5, then goes through the rest of your stack.) Hmmmm. Well, it looks like you have two of them, so you can have this one back…but let me get the stain out first.}"
    The Chosen One: "{502}{}{Okay. Are you sure you can get that stain out? It looks glued in there pretty tight.}"
    Miss Kitty: "{510}{}{Happens all the time around here…(Miss Kitty starts cleaning the magazine.)…mostly to the sheets. That should do it...(Holds it up.)...good issue - has an article on energy weapons, it looks like. Here you go.}"
    The Chosen One: "{512}{}{An article on energy weapons? Thanks. I might read it later on.}"