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Fo4 House Cat.png
New California

The domestic cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus), is a small, typically furry and carnivorous mammal. Cats are a rare sight in the post-nuclear United States, particularly west of the Rockies. Cats were largely hunted for food during the famines in the early decades of the 23rd centuries, driving them out of the region,[1] though not to extinction. The species managed to survive and thrive, and are uncommonly seen across the wastes (for example, in Broken Hills.[2]), evidenced by the survival of cat-related expressions in common parlance.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

The dearth of most varieties of cat in most regions, such as within the Mojave, has led wastelanders that still remember their existence to believe that cats in their entirety have become completely extinct.[9]

Known cats


All cats in Fallout 4 are templated or copied from a single, base cat: House cat.


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    HEckler: "{8006}{}{*Yawn*}"
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    Shark Club comedian: "{8008}{}{They kill mercilessly!}"
    Heckler: "{8009}{}{Wish someone would kill you mershssmbl...}"
    Shark Club comedian: "{8010}{}{So who calls them SUPER mutants?}"
    Shark Club comedian: "{8011}{}{Who are these people?}"
    Heckler: "{8012}{}{Probably the same idiots who hired you!}"
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