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Cassidy Caravans
FoundedRose of Sharon Cassidy
Notable LocationsMojave Wasteland
Mojave Outpost
Cassidy Caravan Wreckage
Relations and associations
ParentRose of Sharon Cassidy
Crimson Caravan (After You Can Depend on Me)
Related EntitiesCrimson Caravan
Van Graffs

Cassidy Caravans is a caravan company owned by Rose of Sharon Cassidy in 2281. Once a main competitor to the Crimson Caravan Company in the Mojave Wasteland Cassidy Caravans have fallen on hard times after a run of unfortunate events.


Cassidy Caravans was formed around Cass after she realized by making deliveries from one town to another she could get paid to travel the wastes. From these humble beginnings the company grew and branched out further afield ending up in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.[1]

Outside relations

Interactions with the player character

In the quest, You Can Depend on Me, the Courier is sent by Alice McLafferty to convince Cass to sell the remainder of Cassidy Caravans to the Crimson Caravan Company. After the caravan is sold, Rose of Sharon Cassidy will leave the Mojave Outpost to investigate deeper into what happened to her wrecked caravan that drove her out of business and helps exact revenge on the perpetrators with the quest Heartache by the Number.


Cassidy Caravans appears in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. The Courier: "So you just started in the caravan...?"
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Actually, it sort of fell on me. My feet get antsy if I stay in one place, like the Mojave Outpost. Was driving me crazy, that feeling of being trapped there, so thanks for that."
    The Courier: "So you traveled a lot."
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Yeah. West, East - and passed through places enough times people would sometimes pay me some caps to take something to the next town."
    The Courier: "What, like a courier?"
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Well, not as glamorous, I guess - roads back West were safer in most places. Most. Anyway, occurred to me I could scratch the traveling itch and get paid for it. Cassidy Caravans formed around me, rest is history."
    The Courier: "How's caravan life in the Mojave?"
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Well, I'm not one for soft living... or soft men, let me tell you. I'm guessing neither are you. Well, I'm not one for soft living or soft men, let me tell you. Otherwise, I wouldn't be talking to you right now - on both counts."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)
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