Case, .45 Auto

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Case, .45 Auto
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Component of.45 Auto rounds
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Case, .45 Auto is a crafting component that appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


This item is used as a component to create .45 Auto ammunition on the workbench along with some lead, primer, large pistol and powder, pistol.


  • 2 to 6 casing can be found on the dead body of an enemy that was wielding a .45 Auto pistol or a .45 Auto submachine gun at the time of their death.
  • After the completion of Honest Hearts the casings will also begin appearing in the main game at the Gun Runners' store, Quartermaster Bardon at Hoover Dam offices and traveling merchants.
  • You can buy 30-50 at a time at the Gun Runners' store, and upwards to 200 at a time at the Great Khan armorer.
  • In Zion Valley, .45 Auto cases can be found commonly in ammunition boxes.
  • Occasionally some travelling merchants will "sell" .45 Auto casings (among many other calibres), but they will always be for free. Likewise, if you try and sell casings to a merchant, you will not yield any money. (Note: This is only possible after you have completed the Honest Hearts add-on.)


  • These casings can not be acquired before traveling to Zion Canyon even with Honest Hearts add-on installed, as they are not available in vendors, and no enemies will use .45 Auto ammunition before that point.