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Caravaneer outfit
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Caravaneer outfit
Field hand outfit
Prospector outfit
Settler outfit
Light armor & clothing
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The caravaneer outift is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


The caravaneer outfit is a lightweight outfit that provides a meager damage threshold of 2.

For males, the outfit consists of a dark brown flannel shirt with orange and musty-yellow stripes, and a pair of blue jean suspenders. A pair of goggles and a dark red bandanna hang around the neck and brown satchel with the NCR flag on it hangs over the shoulder. The female version is a yellow floral-print dress with a white apron and beige cardigan.



  • The Courier wears a recolored version of this in the game's introduction.
  • If Veronica Santangelo is given a caravaneer outfit while she is the players companion, she will consider it to be a dress, and thank the Courier accordingly.
  • After the patch is installed to your console, this outfit will only weigh 1.5 instead of 15.