Caravan merchants (note)

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Caravan Merchants
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QuestsMerchant Empire
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Caravan Merchants is a paper note in Fallout 3. It can be obtained from Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons when starting the unmarked quest Merchant Empire.



Caravan Merchants

* Crow -- Well-Suited Servant of the Spirits
"Armor and apparel to protect against the dangers of this world and beyond."

* Lucky Harith -- Master of the Manifold Paths of Survival
"Weaponry of all flavors for combatants of any age!"

* Doc Hoff -- Doctor of Excessively Applied Biochemistry
"Meds, chems, and food at reasonable prices for the discriminating customer."

* Crazy Wolfgang -- Junkmaster Extraordinaire
"The right junk for the right job, every time."