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Car dealership
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Car Dealership loc.jpg
Map MarkerNone (nearest: east of Fairfax Ruins)
Cell NameCarDealership (exterior)
zCarDealership (interior)
ref id00001161 (exterior)
0003d0a6 (interior)

The car dealership is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.


Selling the brand new Chryslus 2077 Corvega for the low, low price of $1,600,000, the dealership can be found by heading east from Fairfax Ruins.



The exterior of the dealership is of a similar design to the Corvega Factory. A water tower stands nearby, and an Enclave detachment sets up a position beneath it after The Waters of Life.


The interior is a spacious place, with two Corvegas on display. A small administrative section is in the back, and a small repair bay is built on a raised section in the left side of the room.

Notable loot

  • There is a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes in the garage area. If you open the main door to the dealership look to your left, and climb up the embankment by jumping on the car or the shelves to the right.


  • It is possible for a single Enclave soldier to spawn near the water tower before The Waters of Life is completed.
  • A Talon Company or Regulator squad may ambush you from nearby.
  • There is a Red Rocket to the right of it (if you are facing the entrance). An Enclave camp will be established there after completing the quest The Waters of Life.
  • In front of the dealership is a possible encounter of a three-way battle between the Enclave, Talon Company and the Brotherhood of Steel. If all the combatants are killed, this may become a recurring encounter as they may respawn every three in-game days.


The car dealership only appears in Fallout 3. A separate dealership run by Bob exists in a special encounter in Fallout.