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This page is about Bottle caps that appear in Fallout Shelter. For an overview of bottle caps throughout the Fallout series, see bottle cap. For an overview of currency throughout the Fallout series, see currency.
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Caps are a resource in Fallout Shelter.


The basic currency of the wasteland is used as a resource to build and purchase improvements to the vault and its dwellers.

Earning caps

Caps can be acquired from a multitude of sources. Here they are, ordered from worst to best:

Low income
  • Leveling up your dwellers: Each level gained by your dwellers will give you a few caps. The amount is determined by the new level: A level 10 dweller will give you 10 caps.
  • Selling gear: You can sell unwanted pieces of equipment recovered from the wasteland. Unless rare or legendary, however, don't count on being paid a lot of cash
  • Rushing: Rushing a room will provide you with cap rewards. The reward is tied to the accident risk, at a 1-1 ratio (the reward increases by 1 cap per 1% of accident risk).
High income
  • Exploring: Sending out your Vault dwellers into the wasteland will result in them bringing back outfits, weapons, and, of course, caps. Particularly good explorers will bring back thousands of caps, potentially.
  • Completing objectives: Completing objectives earns some of the highest cap rewards, from as little as 25 to as much as 200 and more.
  • Lunchboxes: Lunchboxes can contain random cards that give you 100, 200, or 500 caps.
  • Discovering the Mysterious Stranger within your vault will reward you with a large amount of caps.
Varied income
  • Production: Having Dwellers with high luck in a room and completing a food, water, energy, stimpaks, or RadAway production cycle may on occasion reward bonus caps along with the resources from the room. This can be anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred caps.
  • Destroying already built rooms will return the player anywhere between a few tens and several thousand caps.
  • Bottle and Cappy

Spending caps

Construction and demolition
  • Building: New rooms within the Vault and clear obstacles when expanding deeper into the mountain.
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Dweller customization
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Item crafting
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