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Cappy in a Haystack
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What the...
Quest data
LocationNuka-Town USA
Given BySierra Petrovita
RewardExperience and one of the following:
Editor IDDLC04MS01
Base IDxx000806

Cappy in a Haystack is a quest in Nuka-World.


On their way through Nuka-Town, the Sole Survivor runs into a seemingly crazy lady, a Nuka maniac from hundreds of miles away... Sierra Petrovita promises she's on the trail of something big, but to learn her secrets, the Survivor has to first get into her good graces...


  1. Talk to Petrovita. Pass a difficult persuasion check and listen to her tour or fetch her a Nuka-Cola Quartz (for example, from the vending machine outside RobCo Battlezone) to gain her trust.
  2. Petrovita will provide a pair of cappy glasses and a request to find the ten hidden Cappies throughout the park. This errand is well worth the effort, as annoying as it may sound. Use the list below for guidance.
  3. Return to her at Nuka-Town USA, standing near the crossroads. She will reveal that the hidden code is REFRESHING, a common slogan, and deduce that it represents a code that needs to be keyed in to enter Bradberton's office.
  4. Search the office. Use the button on the right side of the vending machine to open the secret passage into the private Vault of Mr Bradberton.
  5. Explore it with Sierra. Enter the Vault's last area to meet John-Caleb Bradberton.
  6. After an enlightening exchange, decided what to do with Mr. Bradberton. Euthanizing him nets the Nuka-Nukes and a Fat Man adapted to launching them, plus a 500 cap reward from Sierra. On the other hand, sparing him nets the unique Nuka-World Jumpsuit.
  7. Euthanasia nets three Nuka-Nukes, a Nuka-Nuke launcher, a plasma pistol, lots of pre-War money, rare Nuka-Colas, Bradberton's safe key, and the Nuka-Cola formula. Sierra will pay 500 caps for the formula once she realizes he really wanted to die.
  8. Siding with Sierra nets the unique Nuka-World jumpsuit (a recolored RobCo jumpsuit). Bradberton can still be euthanized, but Sierra will turn permanently hostile and attack. She is marked as essential and will be knocked down once her health is depleted. Another shot in that state puts her in the ground permanently.

Cappy locations