Canyon wreckage

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Canyon wreckage
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Map MarkerCanyon Wreckage
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The canyon wreckage is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, located west of Primm. It can be found by following a path north by northwest from the California Sunset Drive-in.

With Lonesome Road, it becomes the entrance to the DLC area, through the City Liner side doors.


The pass through the Mesquite Mountains once led to the Mesquite Wilderness Area and the cities founded beyond, Ashton and Hopeville, together with the missile silos tasked with protecting the nation. Now, after the catastrophe that turned the once peaceful land into the Divide, it's strewn with the mangled wreckage of vehicles, building fragments, and other assorted trash blown in by the terrifying storms that plague the area.

The pass is covered in messages from Ulysses, scrawled onto the wreckage:

  • You Can Go Home, Courier
  • The Divide
  • Lonesome Road
  • Courier Six?
  • Inverted and backwards 6

The pass is avoided by travelers, which led to the proliferation of coyotes all over. Several can be encountered on the way to the wreckage, with a den and the body of an NCR soldier near two ammo boxes in the hills to the southwest, overlooking the wreckage. There are also three crates of grenades inside the upended, unmarked blue prison truck, and a pair of graves just by the entrance.



The canyon wreckage appears in Fallout: New Vegas.