Canyon City terminals

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Message files for the Canyon City terminals, from the quest text file.

Terminal Alpha


(Static fades out) ...This is Third Scientist Lewis.

Things are going from bad to worse. We should have installed more backup systems for the Calculator. The irony is that the committee members that voted on Vault 0's backup system budget cuts are now all dead... but it gets worse.

Sixty three percent of Vault 0's population is now dead, while fifteen percent of the living are now severely brain damaged and can no longer care for themselves.

My frustration builds with the fact that I can't even get into the Calculator's chamber anymore due to lack of authorization!

If only First Scientist Napstarsky or Second Scientist Jones had survived instead of me. They might have been able to repair the electro-organic linking terminal, and who knows... they might even of saved Vault 0. I will do what I can, but so far it really looks like a b... (Fades to static).

Terminal Beta


Committee rules 30 to 3 in favor of streamlining Vault-0's computer backup system costs from 24 billion dollars to 2.3 billion. These cuts will take place immediately.

This ruling was based on the dwindling chance for actual nuclear war taking place along with much needed pay increases to senior committee members.

Furthermore, the subterranean Vault compartments that were designated for backup computer and life support systems will now be renovated for senior vault personnel leisure facilities.

The committee has a construction agenda that must be finalized by mid March.
The new facility options are as follows; several top quality restaurants with 10,000 square feet of cold storage, seven smoke rooms with piano bars and two subterranean hunting grounds stocked with rare animals purchased from world renowned zoos.

All of these are feasible but require an additional 12.4 billion dollars which can be acquired by... *click*

...which can be acquired by *click*

...which can be acquired by *click*

Terminal Gamma


...good question, Dr. Jones. I would be happy to explain why we're taking "the path less traveled" when compared to mundane computer systems.

One advantage the Calculator has over normal computers is the electro-organic linking terminal. Our tests conclude that the CPU can share tasks and receive data from pseudo cryogenic stored brains that are maintained in an oxygenated tank.

These brains are currently that of lab rodents, but our calculations indicate that human brains can be preserved in the same fashion. The brains will be fed specifically formulated nutrients to sustain suspended life. In turn, they will assist the Calculator's CPU in Vault management, including life support, food production and distribution, Pacification-Robot protocol, and Vault-0 defenses.

This neural network will also assist in Vault-0's primary function: To initiate Mankind's post-war rebirth. When outside temperature, radiation levels, and poison particle counts return to acceptable levels, Vault-0 will remotely activate the Exodus Protocol, which will initialize the integration of all Vault Dwellers onto the planet's surface.

The brains are to be harvested from a select group of geniuses that were chosen, by committee, for their skills and their cute haircuts... (fade to static).

Terminal Epsilon


(static fade)....Our company Nuka-Advantax offers cutting edge technology for secure power nodes. Our nodes can handle a higher Ampere rating that would fry competitor power nodes instantly. This, coupled with our magnetic resistant bias inductors, will ensure that you will NEVER have to deal with out-of-phase power leveling.

But what makes our product revolutionary is our patented, "worry free," self-diagnostic and repair deco-technology. These insect size "doctors," if you will, immediately repair any node damage in under a minute. Our system comes with a six-month warranty and six "Mr. Handy" key chains. For twenty-four hour assistance should you require it, our number is... (fade to static)