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Canyon City
Canyon City FoT map.jpg
Mission data
Chapter5 (Bunker Epsilon)
LocationCanyon City
Given ByGeneral Dekker
MainDestroy the power nodes
OptionalFind all the terminals
Dialogue FileMIS 21 Speech.txt
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Canyon City is the sixteenth mission in Fallout Tactics.


During this mission you will need to destroy six power nodes, but the catch is that they automatically repair each other. So in order to complete the mission you will need to plant explosives at each node to detonate them simultaneously. You can either bring your own or you can use the remote detonator traps and detonator found during the mission and set them all to the same frequency. All the nodes are ordered and numbered in the same order they are shown on the map.

Node One

You will begin at an intersection on the road, head to the right. There will be a significant amount of humanoid robots and security robots here to deal with so advance cautiously. Among the "corpses" and a workbench you will find the remote detonator traps and a detonator, along with a PPK12 Gauss pistol. From here head through a door on the wall next to the workbench. In this area there will be several scurry robots, but if you head back through the doorway they will be unable to pursue you, as they are too bulky to fit. Once they are dealt with, the first power node is in the small building to the right. Set the detonator trap and move on to the next node. There is an entrance to a tunnel here which will take you to a switch and behind the entrenched humanoid robots guarding the entrance to the building that houses the fifth and sixth power nodes. Entrance is located between the wall and the production line.

Node Two

Head across the lot until you see a platform with two ladders on it, leading over the wall and into the street. From here you will likely be spotted by a several Hover robots on the road, which you can snipe from the platform. Now climb down the ladder and head across the street to a door in the wall. There will be two humanoid robots in the trench and another next to the door behind the sandbags. Continue heading south along the fence around the lot node two is located in. When you near the street there will be a second trench with more humanoid robots. Turn the corner and go through the opening in the fence into the lot. Inside the building a couple scurry robots near the node and a large metal door repeatedly opening and closing. Behind this door is a pair of auto-cannons. Once the charge is set, leave to the next node.

Node Three

Head back out to the road next to the trench and follow it until you see a white sidewalk. Follow this sidewalk to a black building with a large hole in the side of it and graffiti on the side. Inside is the third node, which is, strangely enough, completely unguarded.

Node Four

Now leave the building and follow along the bottom side of it between the building and a fence until you get to a small gate. Go through the gate and onto the road. Here you will see a Nuka-Cola plant and a ladder leading below ground. Ignore the ladder for now, as you'll come back to it after the this node. Enter the building either through the door or the loading bay, either way you will be met by three Security robots. Other than them the only thing here is the node.

Node Five

Now head back out to the previously mentioned ladder. Climb down and you will immediately encounter a loadlifter robot, back away from him down the tunnel and kill it from a distance. Now continue down the tunnel to the right until you get to a small room. Once you open the door, a rocket-launching auto-cannon will open fire. Once this is taken care of you can check the remains to find over 100 rockets. Now go up the staircase at the top room. Here will be a locked door that requires an extremely low amount of lockpick still (under 15). If you somehow can not get past that, you will have to backtrack and go through the front entrance guarded by humanoid robots and Auto-cannons, but this is very unlikely. Once you go through the door you will be charged by a Tank track robot. As long as you move before it is able to fully spin up its weapon, it won't actually be able to hit you, so continuously move and shoot until it goes down. If you go to through the first door on the right you'll encounter two scurry robots and a humanoid robot with a Sunbeam Gattling Laser and in the next room there is a pacification robot and you are not advised to go there since it is too hard of a foe for the rewards( i got a small amount of small energy cells and 678 experience) given for destroying it. The room on the left side down the hall will contain the node and three Security robots.

Node Six

Go through the door across the hall and up the stairs. From here you can either go through the door on the left or the door on the bottom. The door on the left has three Security robots but the door on the bottom puts you right in front of two humanoid robots, one of which has a Vindicator minigun (and over 2,000 bullets). Once through here you can enter the final room with the node. Several Scurry robots will be waiting but, again, this advanced technology can be thwarted by merely stepping back through the doorway so they can't reach you. Set the final charge and move to a safe distance. Now you can detonate the explosives.

Optional Objective

In the final area the sixth node is located, there are three terminals that can be used to hear transmissions about Vault 0. Listening to these is the secondary objective.


  • The robots and turrets drop a significantly larger amount of ammunition compared to previous missions.