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Cannibal Johnson's cave
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Map MarkerCannibal Johnson's Cave
FactionsEnclave Remnants
Cell NameCannibalJohnsons (exterior)
CannibalJohnsonCave (interior)
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Cannibal Johnson's cave is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, located south east of the New Vegas Strip, south west of Vault 34 and north west of Camp Golf.


The cave consists of a very short passageway leading into the main cave area in which Cannibal Johnson resides. Be careful when going down this first passageway because there is a bear trap placed a short distance from the door.

Inside the main area you will find a lit campfire placed in the center. Cannibal Johnson's bed is in the north eastern corner of the cave. On it lays a Grognak the Barbarian comic book. Next to the bed are a ham radio and an Enclave footlocker with an average-lock. It contains caps and microfusion cells. Next to the footlocker is a Sunset Sarsaparilla crate along with an empty and unopened bottle on the ground beside it. In the north western corner are shelves on which are a few consumables, tin cans, and a Lad's Life magazine.

The cave continues left near the end of the room, leading down into the coolhouse, it contains the corpses of coyotes, nightstalkers, and mole rats. There are also a few pools of bloody ground water[1], which counts as stealing if one drinks from it.

Notable loot


  • The player can sleep in Cannibal Johnson's bed, without any penalties.
  • Just to the left of the cave entrance on the way out, there is a hollowed-out rock containing random loot.


Cannibal Johnson's cave appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Sometimes Razz will appear as if leaving the cave.
  • Sometimes one may discover that the dead coyotes in the back of the cave have risen back to life. With the Living Anatomy perk, one can see they all have zero health.
  • Sometimes a Powder Ganger may spawn in the cave, behind the Enclave chest.


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    Johnson's Coolhouse
    Cannibal Johnson looks like an accomplished hunter. There's also ground-water to drink, which is cleaner than it appears."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)