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Campanas del Sol
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Map MarkerCampanas del Sol
Part ofSalida del Sol
QuestsTrigger the Gala Event
Cell NameNVDLC01ETPlayerGala
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Campanas del Sol is a location in the Sierra Madre.


Before the Great War, it held the church, a morgue and many homes of the casino staff.


The center of Campanas del Sol is comprised of a large courtyard with two to three ghost people inhabiting the area. To the east is a hole in the wall leading to a small office area, and to the west is another hole in the wall leading into the church area with several benches and a pulpit. Another hole is blown in the wall behind the benches. This leads to an embalming area with several skeletons lying on tables.

Down the stairs is a basement wine cellar/distillery filled with ghost people. On the opposite wall is a stairwell leading back up to ground level. The room it leads to has a skeleton lying in a central table with twenty black candles set up around it. The stairs from here lead up again to a living area with an entrance to the balcony that surrounds the central courtyard. Along the balcony is a small supply room in the west wall and another hole in the north wall that filled with beds.

Through this area is an open area surrounded by walls and a balcony. A hallway to the east leads to another room, but has a radio signal patching through the walls. Through the hallway, there is a stairwell leading to a living area where the radio sits plainly on a nearby table. This room leads to the balcony surrounding the open area. Across the balcony and through the room leads to the ladder leading up the bell tower. Inside the bell tower is a single control panel used to initiate the gala event.

Notable loot

  • Four jars of embalming fluid can be found in a room next to a staircase leading to the lower levels.
  • The holorifle focus optics holodisk is found next to the gala even switch in the bell tower.

Related quests


Campanas del Sol appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

Behind the scenes

  • Campanas del Sol roughly translates into "Bells of the sun" in Spanish.