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Camp McCarran
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Camp McCarran's courtyard (top) and concourse exterior (bottom)
Camp McCarran loc.jpg
Map MarkerCamp McCarran
BuildingsTerminal building (Concourse)
Supply shack
Control tower
FactionsUnited States Army (pre-War)
New California Republic
Office of Science and Industry
LeadersGen. Lee Oliver (absent)
Col. James Hsu (in general's absence)
DoctorsDr. Kemp
MerchantsSgt. Daniel Contreras (ordnance)
Cpl. Farber (food)
QuestsClassic Inspiration
I Don't Hurt Anymore
I Put a Spell on You
The White Wash
There Stands the Grass
Three-Card Bounty
You Can Depend on Me
Bounty Killer
Dealing with Contreras
Gland for Some Home Cooking
Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans
Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup
Proper Burial
Rest and Resupply
Silus Treatment
Cell NameCampMcCarranTermMini
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TerminalsCamp McCarran terminals
NCR Supply Database

Camp McCarran is the base camp of the New California Republic Army in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. It is located just south of the defensive wall surrounding New Vegas, easily identifiable due to the wall surrounding it.


Originally founded as the Alamo Airport in 1942, the airport was renamed to its present name on December 20, 1948, after Pat McCarran, Senator, Nevada native, and author of the Civil Aeronautics Act. Once the primary airport of Las Vegas, the McCarran International Airport was heavily fortified before the War and featured a direct monorail connection to the Strip. Although abandoned in the wake of the Great War, the arid climate of the Mojave preserved the buildings well, allowing for the New California Republic to settle into it Treaty of New Vegas of 2274. As the inheritors of America occupied it, it became a hub of all NCR Army efforts, particularly the logistical aspect: troop allocation, supply distribution and intel. Normally under the command of General Lee Oliver, Colonel James Hsu takes over in the event of general's absence.[1][2]

Although the camp is the hub of all NCR activities, it is shorthanded due to constant skirmishes with the Fiends and troop redeployments.[3] It also suffers from a variety of other problems, including decent food supply for the soldiers.



The exterior of the airport is divided into two parts, the parking lot in front of the terminal, which houses numerous tents used by the Army for administrative and housing purposes, and what remains of the tarmac in the rear, surrounding the Camp McCarran concourse.

The road leading into the airport splits off into two directions, circumnavigating the central parking lot. Three NCR bunkers surround the entrance, providing them with cover in case of an attack. Just to the south, near the entrance to the cargo terminal, is a truck repair depot where the Army maintains its fleet of transport trucks.[2] The northwestern corner of the parking lot is occupied by a shooting range. Opposite is a small parking space for trucks, a storage bunker, and a mannequin where Little Buster practices his moves.

The tents can be difficult to navigate at first. However:

  • The northwestern cluster contains seven tents containing mattresses and beds for the troops stationed at McCarran, surrounding a central recreation hall.
  • The two tents directly south contain the 1st Recon quarters, with the troops (Corporal Betsy, Sterling, Private 10 of Spades, Sgt. Bitter-Root) in the large one and the commanding officer, Lieutenant Gorobets, in the smaller one.
  • The next tents are, clockwise, a break room, an archives tent, storage, and administration.
  • Finally, the two tents at the eastern edge contain the main mess hall and the base's infirmary.

The entrances to the terminal building are spaced out along its front. Major Dhatri usually stands by the entrance.

The tarmac, accessible through the terminal building, is filled with derelict planes and houses the McCarran obstacle course overseen by a drill sergeant, the Camp McCarran concourse and supply shack, and a seemingly abandoned control tower.


Camp McCarran terminal building

The terminal building houses the offices of the commanding officer, Colonel James Hsu, as well as a science facility operated by OSI and Thomas Hildern, the local jail and interrogation room, and other amenities, such as access to the monorail line.

Camp McCarran concourse

The concourse is the heart of Camp McCarran, with the spaces once used by passengers waiting for their flight converted into barracks for troops. The area also includes a mess hall - perpetually undersupplied - and the supply shack responsible for managing the supplies flowing into the Camp.[2]


1st Recon

Notable loot

Related quests

Behind the scenes

Spare Us the Cutter
  • There was originally a one of a kind Sentry bot here (McCarranFieldSentryBot). It is actually pictured in the Official strategy guide, so must have been removed late on. Its patrol routes are still in place on the map, but it seems the bot was deleted rather than simply disabled - it's not present anywhere in the game. It has an AI package that makes it patrol in a loop around the outer edge of the camp.
  • In the retail release of the game there were two recruits and a drill instructor on the obstacle course. These were removed at some stage of the game's patching process.
  • There are also several push up idle markers in a pyramid shape near one of the aircraft here. It's likely there was supposed to be some other kind of scene of recruits training with a drill sergeant that was never implemented. Speculating further, it's likely the emplacement at the back of the area was going to be for some kind of further training scenes as well.
  • It's been pointed out that the back area of the camp where Private Crenshaw patrols has some interesting differences when comparing between the internal and external models for the camp. The external main Mojave worldspace version of the Camp has an interesting area where two guard towers are placed close together. The way they are positioned suggests there would be something important between them, such as an entrance. Of course Pvt Crenshaw mentions he is guarding the South Entrance even though there seems to be no such thing. Indeed on the internal version of the McCarran map there is only one guard tower in this position and no evidence of any door. Further adding credence to the theory of the gate being replaced with just a regular wall outside is the fact that what would be the entrance in this case is flanked by 4 NCR troopers (2 a side) as if they were guarding an entrance. In the final game it is difficult to see this as when the player enters the area they are usually fighting Fiends.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png There are wrong idle markers placed in the mess hall, resulting in NCR Troopers playing keyboard and typing animations there.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Collecting Corporal White's journal in Corporal White's locker in the concourse may break the quest scripts and corrupt the savegame.



Camp McCarran appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "What's Camp McCarran's role in NCR operations?"
    James Hsu: "It's our main base. We took it because it lets us keep an eye on the Strip. And it had already been fortified before the Great War. From here we handle most of the logistics for our operations in Nevada. Troop allocation, supply distribution, intel. Usually General Oliver runs the show here, but he's on his way to the Dam now, so I've taken on a lot of his duties here."
    (James Hsu's dialogue)
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    Camp McCarran is the main base for NCR military operations in southern Nevada. Formerly McCarran International Airport, the structure now houses and trains NCR's sizable battalions. Camp McCarran is the hub of activity in the area, and constantly has soldiers moving into and out of it. Despite this, security is tight and there are only a few ways in. A monorail connects Camp McCarran and The Strip, but it's heavily guarded.
    Truck Mechanic Area
    Concourse Gate A
    This has been turned into a dorm for NCR overflow troops. Check Corporal White's Locker (32) for his Journal, which helps you out during Side Quest: The White Wash. Also of interest is Private Crenshaw's Footlocker (33); you can place something in here if you're working with Captain Curtis during Side Quest: I Put a Spell on You."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland) Note: Names the repair depot to the right of the entrance as a "Truck Mechanic Area".
  3. The Courier: "Where is Lt. Gorobets?"
    Dhatri: "Out in the yard. Gorobets coordinates our sniper teams. He's been gunning for Nephi for weeks now. Only thing he hasn't had is willing bait. Don't have enough troops to order anyone beyond the fence. Not anymore, anyway."
    (Dhatri's dialogue)
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Camp McCarran