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FO: New VegasCodac camera film
Fallout 76ProSnap camera film

Camera film is a celluloid material used in conjunction with a chemical process after exposure to light to produce photographs. Camera film, despite the onset of holography technology, is still a popular choice among journalist, tourists, and the hobbyist photographer over digital photographs. Even after the war, analog cameras still saw use and could be repaired easily with readily available materials.[1][2][3]


Codac camera film

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Gameplay article:

Produced by Codac for use in the R9000 Deluxe camera. The film shoots at 400 ISO,[4] perfect for capturing photographs of signs outdoors around the Mojave and other general purposes.

ProSnap camera film

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Gameplay article:

ProSnap CAM 94 produced for use in the ProSnap Deluxe camera. CAM 94 film shoots at 400 ISO,[5] perfect for capturing photographs of tourist attractions around Appalachia and other general purposes.