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Cambridge police station
Fo4 Cambridge Police Station Ext.png
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Map MarkerCambridge Police Station
FactionsCambridge Police Department (defunct)
Brotherhood of Steel
QuestsThe Molecular Level
Cell NameCambridgePDExt
CambridgePD01 (interior)
ref id0000dfc6
0001fa25 (interior)
TerminalsGladius Personnel Terminal
Cambridge Police Evidence Terminal
Garage Terminal
Scribe Haylen's Terminal
Lockup Terminal
Recon Data Terminal

The Cambridge police station is a location in the Commonwealth.


A former police station, turned into a forward outpost, listening post, and supply base by the Brotherhood of Steel.[1] Casualties that mounted during the recon mission in the Commonwealth, resulted in a well protected location manned by remnants of the Brotherhood. The arrival of the Prydwen leads to the outpost being turned into a major stronghold, providing rest and resupply before soldiers head back out into the chaos of the Commonwealth. The old police helicopter pad on the roof is restored and turned into a Vertibird landing pad above, with the power armor station provided with ample supplies to upgrade and repair any soldier's armor. Coupled with air support provided by VB-01 Vertibirds, even the occasional synth attack barely registers on their radar, with the usual throng of Cambridge ghouls relegated to a mere nuisance.[2]



This police station, by the time that the Sole Survivor discovers is, has been surrounded by a security perimeter, established by the remnants of recon squad Gladius, of the Brotherhood of Steel. The catwalks and barriers are supposed to present a formidable obstacle for most attackers; however, they proved to be futile when tasked against an unusually large horde of feral ghouls, as they merely climbed over the defense, rushed the entrance, and sneaked in through the hidden side entrances. The interior consists of one intact floor, which houses a reception area, adjoining meeting rooms, and the operations floor, with the station chief's office tucked away in the corner. In the back there are the jail cells, an interrogation room, and storage. The stairway off the interrogation room leads into the garage with a power armor station, while the stairwell on the opposite end leads to the roof of the station, and the helicopter landing pad. The antenna on the top is the source of military frequency AF95 used by the squad during their distress.

After the Prydwen arrives, the station is substantially reinforced with a contingent of initiates, an additional knight in power armor, and plenty of supplies, becoming the Brotherhood of Steel's second staging area in the Boston area. The areas around the station are also renovated, providing further facilities for the troops stationed here.

Notable loot


The Cambridge police station appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "The old Cambridge Police Station has been occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel, and now serves as an important listening post and resupply depot."
  2. Haylen: ""We've had the occasional synth attack, but so far we've been able to keep them from overrunning us. Thanks to the reinforcements and the air support, I'd say that site was secure."