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Calverton and the chapel
Jury Street Chapel loc.jpg
Map MarkerNone (nearest: between Jury Street metro station and Evergreen Mills)

Calverton is the small abandoned town with a chapel southwest of Jury Street metro station. It is not marked on the world map.



The church is easily spotted from the southwest. To the right of the church is a small graveyard fenced off by a broken white picket fence. In the church entrance is a tripwire, which triggers a shotgun trap, and in the back is a grenade trap triggered by a pressure plate. There is also a podium, some barrels, and a few beds. There is a captive to the left of the bed.

Surrounding area

The town consists of a few buildings, mostly being boarded up and a couple which you can enter unharmed.

Random encounter

One of at least three encounters will happen here:

  • Super mutants will be holding a wastelander hostage. You can kill the super mutants and save the wastelander for a small boost of karma.
  • A wastelander being chased by a raider with a flamer. The wastelander cannot be saved as it is a scripted event.
  • Raiders with lead pipes will come after you, in addition to the raider with the flamer.

Notable loot



  • Nikola Tesla and You in the southwestern-most house south of the church, on top of a bookshelf.
  • A hard locked safe is in the house directly south of the chapel.
  • A copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes can be found inside a truck on the east side of the village.
  • A pre-War book is in a house with a scavenger and his dog, far east of the main town area. The house can be found by following the power lines east past the aforementioned truck, a billboard, and a series of small shacks. It's just before reaching a large power pylon. The book is on a table to the right of a couch under a small scorched book, and it must be stolen.


  • A random encounter may occur here. One of these may ignite a vehicle, causing it to explode and scattering several items inside the chapel some distance.
  • To the north is the super mutant camp mentioned in the Search party log.
  • It is possible that there are no super mutants in the chapel, and the prisoner is alone inside.
  • One of the gravestones has a plunger stuck to it.
  • You may also encounter Enclave soldiers and an officer if you've completed The Waters of Life quest.


Behind the scenes

  • There is a real-life Calverton, but it is located in the Maryland suburbs, not Virginia where the in-game version is. It would be approximately just off the map, due east of the Republic of Dave.


Calverton appears only in Fallout 3.