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For the character from Fallout 2, see Brain.
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Professor Calvert.jpg
Biography and appearance
RaceHuman, Psyker
RoleMad scientist
LocationSt. Aubin Medical Facility
FamilySenator Calvert (brother)
Dialogue FileCalvert's dialogue
QuestsHearing Voices
Thought Control
A Meeting of the Minds
Derived StatsHit Points: 70
Base IDxx005a39Ref IDxx005a3c
ActorCraig Sechler
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Gametitle-FO3 PL.png

You gaze upon one of America's greatest minds, preserved through the miracles of SCIENCE!

— Professor Calvert, Point Lookout

Professor Calvert (also known as The Brain and The Transcendent One among the Point Lookout tribals) is an inhabitant of Point Lookout in 2277 and serves as the main antagonist of the Point Lookout add-on.


Professor Calvert was a member of the prestigious and influential Calvert family before the Great War, and an accredited expert in the field of cognitive robotics. He survived the war by extracting his brain from his body and preserving it in the St. Aubin Medical Facility using robobrain technology.[1] Along with preserving his brain and consciousness, the advancements made in cognitive robotics and cognitive broadcast technology[2] gave him the ability to telepathically communicate with other people over long range. Despite the retention of his brilliance, centuries of isolation left him a scheming, power-maddened brain in a jar. His ultimate goal is to use his powers to achieve "total psychic domination" over the Maryland area. Standing in the way of this goal is Desmond Lockheart, with whom Calvert has had a long-term rivalry since before the Great War[3] (and who is apparently responsible for Calvert's lack of a living body).[4][5]

He later became deified by a local tribal cult and has attempted to use them to get an upper hand on Lockheart. Despite the cult's usefulness as living agents and tools, the professor was frequently frustrated and disappointing by their misinterpretation of his orders as religious instruction and inability to carry out what Calvert believed to be the simplest of tasks.[6][7] While Calvert aims to achieve complete psychic domination over his home state of Maryland, the tribals are more keen on helping Calvert "spread [his] knowledge across the astral plane for all those wise enough to accept it."[8] Calvert put up with the tribals for years,[9] but once the Lone Wanderer came upon the feud, Calvert wasted no time in recruiting them to do what the "simpering spiritualist and his tribe of idiots" could not.[10][11]

As Calvert would come to expect of them, the tribals failed to kill Lockheart and destroy his jamming device. However, by penetrating the mind of the Lone Wanderer, Calvert learned that Lockheart was prepared to install a brainwave jammer atop the Ferris wheel (which would completely block Calverts' psychic powers). Naturally, Calvert was quick to ask the Lone Wanderer to destroy the device rather than install it.[12][13][14] In time, Lockheart and Calvert met "face to jar" and a centuries old feud came to a close.[15][16]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Hearing Voices: The player speaks to Calvert in Jacksons' inner sanctum, he instructs the player to find a way to destroy Desmond's jamming device.
  • Thought Control: Desmond gives the cogwave jammer to the player and instructs them to place it on the Wonder Wheel. Before the player can, Calvert telepathically orders the Lone Wanderer to throw the jammer in the trash compacter.
  • A Meeting of the Minds: The choice arises whether to kill Calvert or Desmond.

Notable quotes

  • "You certainly make quite an entrance. It's a shame about what's-his-name, but frankly, he would have gotten himself killed, eventually. I would have done it myself, if I only had arms to throttle him. Now, let's hope you're more useful than that one, yes?" (After killing Jackson within the sea cave during Hearing Voices.)
  • "You fool! What have you done? You will pay for this! PAY! No one betrays me! Do you under...and? You will SUFFER ... this! You... and- ... that ghoul... ... ...both... ... pay... ...coming for- ... ..." (After installing the cogwave jammer on the ferris wheel during Thought Control.)
  • "Excellent! Most excellent! I knew that you would make the right choice. And now it is time for Desmond to meet his end! He's made a fatal mistake! Return to Calvert Mansion. I have something there that I'd like you to see." (After destroying the cogwave jammer with the trash compactor during Thought Control.)


  • In some cases, even after killing Calvert, you will occasionally receive the popup "The Brain is unconscious". This is typically due to a hostile non-player character attacking an essential and normally inaccessible conversation stand-in located near the Wonder Wheel.

Behind the scenes

  • A living brain in a jar/vat is a common device in sci-fi movies, TV shows, games, and literature.
  • The Transcendent One is the main antagonist in Black Isle's classic RPG Planescape: Torment designed by Chris Avellone and published by Interplay Entertainment.
  • A human version of Professor Calvert, identified as "The Brain", is located in a non-openable Pulowski Preservation shelter inside a building north of the Wonder Wheel near the Point Lookout pier. Visible on the compass as a friendly non-player character, he can be reached without cheating. He is not meant to be seen, though, and should not be considered evidence of a canonical pre-War appearance of Dr. Calvert.
  • When encountering The Brain in the Underground Lab, if you turn off collisions, you can go into the tank and find a bobblehead that runs the talking scripts.


Professor Calvert appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What the hell are you?"
    Calvert: "What you are interacting with is merely a holographic projection. And a rather clumsy one, at that, but it's all I can manage at the moment. As for myself, you gaze upon one of America's greatest minds, preserved through the miracles of SCIENCE! Much more elegant than shambling on as some rotting corpse for all eternity, don't you agree?"
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  2. St. Aubin Medical Facility terminals
  3. The Lone Wanderer: "What is with you two anyway?"
    Calvert: "This is a rivalry that has lasted for centuries! You cannot possibly understand with your tiny meaty brain! Creatures of great power must collide! It is inevitable! Destroy Desmond! Help me to end this, and I will give you a reward beyond your imagination!"
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  4. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.91: "Professor Calvert
    Professor Calvert, once a brilliant government scientist, is now reduced to a power-mad brain in a jar. He retains his brilliance, but hundreds of years in isolation have left him a maddened, scheming figure, constructing elaborate plans to dominate the rest of the world. Now that he has a way of contacting people outside of his lab, he intends to follow through on his plans—especially if he can include revenge on Desmond, the agent responsible for his lack of a living body."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  5. The Lone Wanderer: "What do you know about Desmond?"
    Calvert: "Desmond... That bag of bones and bile will pay dearly for his trespasses! Were it not for his interference, I would still have a body. Still, its absence has only honed my brilliance, so perhaps I owe him my thanks. An appreciation I'll show in the form of a quick and messy death! HA HA HA!"
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  6. The Lone Wanderer: "How did you come to lead this tribe?"
    Calvert: "Jackson believes me to be some kind of god. You'd think that would be good, but his interpretations of my commands leaves something to be desired. Regardless, I trust you can be more effective than he has been. I need your help on an important task. There's a troublesome ghoul who lives in Calvert Mansion. I need him destroyed, and his jamming device neutralized, immediately."
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  7. Calvert: "You certainly make quite an entrance. It's a shame about what's-his-name, but frankly, he would have gotten himself killed, eventually. I would have done it myself, if I only had arms to throttle him. Now, let's hope you're more useful than that one, yes?"
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  8. Calvert: "At last, yes! Desmond will die, and our long struggle will finally end the only way it could have - with me as the victor!"
    Jackson: "Yes, and you will be able to spread your knowledge across the astral plane for all those wise enough to accept it!"
    Calvert: "No, not "astral knowledge" you simpleton! Psychic domination! And that still won't be possible until you destroy Desmond's jamming device."
    Jackson: "No need to worry, enlightened one. We shall re-consecrate the mansion, and remove the impurities disrupting your perfect guidance."
    Calvert: "Yes, fine, go destroy the house and its "impurities." Just stop that jammer, and I'll be free of you morons, once and for all!"
    Jackson: "Yes, we shall be free of all limitations! Thank you, master. We shall be the instrument of your mighty will."
    (Calvert's and Jackson's dialogue)
  9. The Lone Wanderer: "I can't promise anything, but tell me more."
    Calvert: "Excellent. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to find a suitable assistant after all these years. Now, the ghoul is a pain, and may require disposal, but Desmond is only of secondary importance. The real target is a device in his possession. He has a jammer which limits my projection range to this pathetic cave. Remove that, and I can extend my reach so much further..."
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  10. Calvert: "So, you're the mouse that was scurrying around here? Not much to look at, but at least you're not drooling all over yourself. I can work with that. Now then, perhaps you can be more useful than that simpering spiritualist and his tribe of idiots."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Useful? What are you using the tribe for?"
    Calvert: "At the moment, they've been no use at all, but I have very few options. They can't even seem to remove a single ghoul from a house."
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  11. The Lone Wanderer: "Did you tell the Tribals to attack the mansion?"<br/Calvert: "Of course I did, but that moron thought it was one of his addled visions. The real goal was to destroy the ghouls' jamming device! Honestly, those fools aren't worth the meat they're made of. A minion that can't follow directions is no use at all!"
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  12. Thought Control
  13. The Lone Wanderer: "What have you got against the Ghoul?"
    Calvert: "More than you could possibly imagine with your squishy pink mind, but the only pressing matter at the moment is a device in his possession. He has a jammer that limits my projection range to this pathetic cave. Remove that, and I can extend my reach so much further... Killing Desmond would be a nice plus, but I'm sure we can get around to that later."
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  14. Calvert: "It is I, Professor Calvert! Don't bother looking around, I'm in your mind! But, aren't you Desmond's faithful little employee? Coming to gum up my work, are we? Well... I have a better idea... How about instead of playing his game, you destroy that nasty little device? Deposit it in the nearby trash compactor and we will never have to worry about it again. I assure you that the gratitude of Professor Calvert is worth a great deal more than that of a washed up old limey."
    (Calvert's dialogue)
  15. A Meeting of the Minds
  16. Desmond Lockheart: "There you are, you slippery bastard! At last! Let's end this, here and now!"
    Calvert: "Ah yes, Mister Lockheart. At last we meet, face to jar. But I'm afraid that at the end of this, it is you who will meet his end."
    Desmond Lockheart: "No, Calvert! I brought someone with me, someone very special. This stranger tricked you into letting me find where you were hiding."
    Calvert: "Yes, Desmond. But whose side is he on? Do you know? Can you be sure? You always were so bad at choosing your allies."
    Desmond Lockheart: "Well, we shall see, shan't we? Destroy him!"
    Calvert: "No! No! Destroy HIM!"
    (Desmond Lockheart's and Calvert's dialogue)