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Call to Arms
Call to Arms.gif
Quest data
LocationCambridge police station
ArcJet Systems
Given ByPaladin Danse
RewardExperience points
Righteous Authority
Editor IDBoS101
Base ID0006f5c1
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leads to:
Semper Invicta

Call to Arms is a quest in Fallout 4.


Stranded without backup, recon squad Gladius requires aid in establishing contact. Paladin Danse requests the Survivor's aid in penetrating ArcJet Systems to recover a deep range transmitter.


  1. Talk to Danse at the Cambridge police station to start this quest. Danse will then don his helmet, and begin walking towards the ruins of ArcJet Systems.
  2. Listen to Danse talk on the way, which will serve as an introduction to the Brotherhood's ideological philosophy, and recent developments back in the Capital Wasteland and now within the Commonwealth.
  3. There will be several encounters along the way, including with raiders and rabid mongrels.
  4. Upon arrival at ArcJet Systems, it will be discovered that the facility has already been penetrated by generation 1 synths, all of which will need to be dealt with in order to secure the area for future BoS use.
  5. Explore the facility while following Danse, until reaching the door to the inner core, in which the party will be ambushed before being able to progress any further.
  6. The door to the inner part of the facility is opened using the terminal in front of it. Opening the door will cause synths to swarm inside, and will need to be dealt with.
  7. From that point onward, the final objective will be in reaching the engine core.

Engine core

  1. Enter the engine core, in which the party will then need to reach the control room in order to finally obtain the deep range transmitter. Descend to the lower level first, and enter the maintenance room in order to activate the generators in the back, which will turn on the elevators and trigger a massive synth attack.
  2. Activate the jet engine and make it back to safety before the mag-doors automatically seal themselves, in order to wipe out the synths. Although Danse will stay behind, his power armor will keep him safe while the engine is active, and will return to the Sole Survivor afterwards no worse for wear.
  3. Use the elevator to return to the upper levels, and fight the synths that are now in the control room.
  4. Pick up the transmitter from one of the synths, then get out of the facility using the maintenance elevator.
  5. Exit the bunker and talk to Paladin Danse in order to complete the quest and receive a reward for helping the BoS.

Quest stages

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