California Sunset Drive-in

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California Sunset Drive-in
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Map MarkerCalifornia Sunset Drive-in
Cell NameCaliforniaSunsetDrivein
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The California Sunset Drive-in is a drive-in movie theater located south-west of Primm.


A derelict pre-War outdoor movie theater. The screen is in fairly good condition, but the rest of the buildings are not. It's inhabited by a group of bark scorpions, radscorpions, with the occasional feral ghoul dropping in with a neighborly visit. The area is a convenient fast travel point for Primm before it's liberated. There's some loot to be had here. Notably, there's a small scripted scene here, where a coyote detonates a hidden mine, foreshadowing the surprises waiting on the road to Novac. It can be killed and the mine disarmed for reuse with good reflexes.

Notable loot


The California Sunset Drive-in appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.