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Biography and appearance
Hair StyleNuclear breezedHair ColorDeep red
Eye ColorGreen
AffiliationCombat Zone
Former cage fighter
LocationCombat Zone
Dialogue FileCait's dialogue
QuestsBenign Intervention
Combat StylecsCompCait
assistanceHelps allies
SPECIALStrength: 5
Perception: 10
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 10
Luck: 7
Tag SkillsraiderClass
LevelScales with player
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDCompanionCait
Base ID00079249Ref ID00079305
Editor FactionsCompanionCrimeFaction_Cait
ActorKaty Townsend
Special Head GearHairFemale23

You think I inject myself with all that shite and drink myself drunk because I'm a "tough Irish gal?" I do it so I can forget and move on with me miserable life. So there you are. The entire flawed package known as Cait, stripped bare for your perusal.

Cait (born 2261)[1] is cage fighter at the Combat Zone and a potential companion of the Sole Survivor in 2287.


To say that Cait's life was unpleasant would be understatement. She was born into an abusive family, her parents routinely beating and yelling at her. She tried to run away twice, the first time she did it, they locked her in a shed outside of the house they lived in. The second time, they broke one of her legs.[2] Cait eventually became convinced she was a mistake, due to the constant abused, but deluded herself into thinking that they loved her... Enough not to kick her out of the house. The illusion was shattered once her eighteenth birthday came: They slapped a shock collar around her neck and sold her into slavery, all without a hint of regret.[3][4]

For the next five years, Cait was used as an entertainment slave, for a variety of purposes she refuses to detail. While it wrecked her emotionally and warped her personality, Cait carefully cultivated an anger inside her and eventually learned some tricks of their trade. Stealing caps from sleeping slavers, she eventually managed to buy herself out. With 23 years worth of pent-up fury, she tracked down her parents and slaughtered them in bloody vengence.[5][6]

After everything was said and done, Cait took to alcohol and chems to help forget her past. She joined the Combat Zone as a gladiator and fought to provide her with the funds to buy everything she needed to forget. The point of the fighting wasn't just to provide her with funds, though. She hated everyone, herself the most, and the violence - and pain, and wounds, and the Psycho - were ways to punish herself and find death.[7] Unfortunately, Cait proved too tough to beat, even when raiders took the joint over and it got decidedly more brutal. Those who didn't keep their head on a swivel were liable to be sucker punched and at minimum robbed. Cait herself learned that short of buying friends, she's a victim waiting to be preyed upon. The teacher was a raider named Stratton, who dumped her to be beaten up by raiders the moment she stopped having sex with him.[8] By the time the Sole Survivor comes, Cait has been a cage fighter for three years, two of them under raider management - all with a hundred victory to her name.[9]

She puts up a deceptively convincing tough Irish gal act, but beneath the exterior lurks a broken woman, with a lifetime of misery behind her.[10] Yet despite her life being a seemingly unceasing march of adversity, disappoitnment, and horror (coupled with Psycho reliance and the accompanying progressive health damage[11]) Cait refuses to put a shotgun slug through the roof of her mouth. Despite looking at the shotgun barrels more than once, she has yet to pull the trigger. Perhaps she is praying to find a single decent scrap of humanity in her life. And, perhaps the Sole Survivor will be that scrap.[12]


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Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.


  • Benign Intervention: After coming to trust the Sole Survivor, Cait will ask them to take her to Vault 95 to cure her addiction to Psycho.

Effects of player actions

  • Earning Cait's loyalty is a fickle thing, due to the fact that she has a major personality shift after her personal quest.
    • Before Cait's personal quest, taking and becoming addicted to chems and drinking alcohol raises her affinity while donating items lowers it. After her personal quest, alcohol has no affect on her affinity, donating items now raises it, taking and becoming addicted to chems lowers it and, as such, taking Addictol raises it.
Cait's loyalty actions
Cait likes...
  • ...selfish and violent dispositions
  • ...public nudity
  • ...lockpicking (both unowned and owned)
  • ...theft (stealing and pickpocketing)
  • ...asking for larger rewards for quests
  • ...calling Abbot crazy when he remarks that the Wall seems happy with the new paint.
  • ...taking the sarcastic option when describing the pre-War world to Daisy.
Cait loves...
Cait dislikes...
Cait hates...

Other interactions

  • Drug Runner Revenge
  • When traversing the bars of the Commonwealth, she will converse with them all.


Cait's location comments
Location/Requirement Comment
Diamond City, entrance "If we're looking for some action, I'm bettin' we'll find it here."
Goodneighbor, entrance "Wow, this place is a shitehole. And here I thought it couldn't get any worse than the Combat Zone."
Combat Zone, exterior "Why the hell are we comin' back here? My days of fightin' in that lousy cage are over."
Boston Airport, before the barricades "Would be nice to fly away and leave the Commonwealth behind... but is there anythin' worth seein' out there?"
Cabot House, exterior by the shrubbery "Okay, what the hell is a buildin' that nice doin' in a rundown city like this?"
Parsons State Insane Asylum, entrance foyer on the rug just past the front door; during the quest The Secret of Cabot House. "I don't like admittin' it, but this place is givin' me the shivers."
Jamaica Plain, northwest road entrance, by the diner "I remember some bloke who said he was headin' out to Jamaica Plain to hunt for treasure... never saw his sorry arse again."
Vault 81, entrance walkway "This is the only Vault I know that people still call home. Kind of weird that they want to stay out here all by themselves."
"Why anyone would want to live on one of these things for months at a time is beyond me."
"You know how much I hate these Raiders, so I'll just thank you for bringin' me here in advance."
"Look on the bright side... if we need to get out of here fast we could always jump."
"If they used to store bombs here, why in the hell are we goin' inside?"
"Please don't tell me we're gonna spend the day pickin' through this pile of rubble."
"I don't understand these Minutemen. Why the hell would you bother helpin' a bunch of lowlife farmers and settlers for free?"
Covenant, gate exterior This place kind of reminds me of home... it's just missin' the abusive parents and the years of psychological torment.
Bunker Hill, base of stairs to the monument - before the gate "Oh, Bunker Hill. I heard you can get anythin' from these fellas. Time to start lookin' for some goodies."
Cave (Super Duper Mart), after entering the parking garage "Wait a damn second. Where'd all the ferals go?"
[[]], "You know where you're going, right?"
Sentinel site Prescott, bomb storage room entrance "It's a shame we're turnin' these over to the Brotherhood. These things would be worth a fortune."
Sentinel site Prescott, gantry just inside the main entrance "This doesn't bode well. Not at all."
Sentinel site Prescott, exterior entrance "I've never seen anythin' like that before."
[[]] "This is the perfect place to get jumped."
Ticonderoga, penthouse foyer "If all of the Railroad bases look this posh, I might actually enjoy hangin' around with them for a while."
Old North Church, catacombs "This better lead somewhere. I don't fancy spendin' the rest of the week wanderin' in circles."
Old North Church, nave "This church is fallin' apart at the seams."
"First we go up, now we have to go all the way down. I wish you'd make up your mind."
"Let me guess... you're going to make us climb this entire building. *Sigh*"
Hubris Comics, shop floor "When I was nine, I stole a comic book from a caravan dealer. Must have read the damn thing a hundred times before me parents took it away."
Hubris Comics, top floor studio "What's all this nonsense for?"
"*Sigh* I hope you know what you're doin'."
"If you start tamperin' with that engine, I'm gettin' out of here."
Yangtze-31, bridge "Nothin' I'd rather do than spend my life underwater in a giant metal coffin."
Starlight Drive In, in the projection room "Looks safe. Maybe we should hang out up here for a while to catch our breath."
Starlight Drive In, at the screen "I knew a bloke who owned a movie projector. He only had this one movie about a talkin' dog. It was shite, but heck, beggars can't be choosers."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, Arlen Glass' office "Jackpot! There must be somethin' worth takin' from this place."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, foyer display "I'll be damned. It's a Giddyup Buttercup! Wait... why do I know that?"
Wildwood Cemetery "I wonder if any of me ancestors are buried here."
"You really know how to show a girl a good time. Ugh."
West Everett Estates, backyard bunker "This isn't so bad. Believe it or not, I've seen worse."
"Looks like Super Mutants have ruined another perfectly good part of town."
Walden Pond, just in front of said cabin. "Pff. I don't see what the big deal is... anyone can write stuff down and claim it's a "work of art.""
Milton General Hospital, basement morgue "Ugh, a morgue... disgustin'."
Milton General Hospital, waiting foyer "I can't believe that people actually had to pay to see the doctor."
Vault 95, Overseer's office "You wouldn't catch me dead at one of these support meetings. Ugh."
"I think we should be stayin' as far from that reactor as possible."
Museum of Witchcraft "Shite!"
Museum of Witchcraft "That sounds bigger than a mole rat."
Vault 75, combat training room "I love what they've done with the place."
Vault 75, entrance "Well, I'll be damned. Another vault."
Vault 114, entrance construction "Looks like the vault was never completed."
Vault 111, cryonic stasis room "I know this must be difficult for you... I... I'm here if you need to talk."
Vault 114, exterior tunnel construction "I'll be damned. Vault-Tec tucked these little beauties everywhere."
Trinity Church, theatrical rigging "Tommy tried to introduce scenery into the matches at the Combat Zone. Took about five minutes before we startin' usin' them for weapons."
Trinity Church, nursery "They... they were keepin' babies down here? Oh... oh god."
Thicket Excavations, near the waters edge; before the conclusion of the quest Pull the Plug. "Keep your gun handy. I doubt the only thing fillin' this quarry is a bunch of rocks."
"This robot wasn't easy to find. Better be a good reward for lettin' him go."
Gwinnett Brewery, brewing floor "I wonder if this was the vat for "Bunker Hill Brew" or "Dead Redcoat Ale?""
"I'd say that's about a week's supply."
"I used to love enterin' the ring and hearin' everyone cheer. Now I'm realizin' I was just a caged animal put on display for their amusement."
Combat Zone, front row "Why the hell are we back here? You know how much I hate this fuckin' place!"
"Well, there's somethin' you don't get to see every day."
"Your Minutemen certainly cleaned the place up nicely. Even got rid of the mirelurk smell."
"You sure it's safe to be traipsin' around the basement of a six or seven-hundred year old buildin'?"
"Mirelurks smell disgustin'. When we're done fightin' them I can smell them on me clothes for days."
[[]] "Hmph. Better him than me."
Boston Common, just in front of the infantry fighting vehicle "We're takin' a big chance walkin' though the Common. Just sayin'."
"Brotherhood of Steel, eh? These blokes pack some serious firepower."
South Boston military checkpoint "We need to find that transmitter and turn the goddamn thing off!"
Skylanes Flight 1981 "I'm bettin' we pry some good salvage out of this wreck... if the Raiders haven't gotten to it first."
[[]] "There has to be somethin' valuable hidden in all this scrap."
"Awwww, look. The Raiders have themselves a little arts and crafts project."
"Oh, lovely. You got a can-opener?"
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, captain's room "What the hell's wrong with these robots? Don't they realize they're takin' care of corpses?"
Rocky Narrows Park, at the playground "Hard to feel like a kid again when you think about how many of them died when the war started."
[[]] "Ranger cabin, eh? Good place to look for rifle ammunition."
Robotics disposal ground, in front of the sentry bot "So we gonna strip that military robot for parts, or should we just blast it into tiny pieces?"
"I remember findin' an ancient document sayin' that you can have fun under the boardwalk. Doesn't look safe to me."
Revere Beach Station, end tunnel raider encampment "What is it with Raiders and tunnels? Is it some kind of a Freudian thing?"
"What exactly were these blokes runnin' from?"
"Poor little thing. I wonder what happened to her."
Quincy ruins, Freeway stronghold bridge to roof catwalks "You sure it's safe for us to be walkin' up here?"
Quincy ruins, southeast entrance "This entire area's overrun with Gunners. I can smell the crazy bastards from a mile away."
Boston Police rationing site, in front of the trailer kiosk "Let's get out of here. I can't stand seein' shite like this."
[[]] "Let me know when we're done with the factory tour."
Poseidon Energy, generator room - the part past the raider defenses. "We should search the place for parts. Might find somethin' worth a few caps."
"If you think I'm pushin' any of those buttons, you must be crazy."
"*Coughing* Can't breathe... this stuff... it smells strange."
Pickman's Gallery "I don't know, I kind of like these paintin's. Feels good knowin' someone out there is more miserable than me."
[[]] "We're not stayin' here, right?"
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, entrance "Spent me childhood livin' in trailers like this. Of course, me parents made me sleep outside."
Neponset Park, "Quaint little cabins. Too bad the mirelurks have ruined the view."
Natick power station "You don't even have to say it... I'm not goin' to be touchin' anythin'."
"At this rate, we'll be swimmin' through the streets of Boston."
Nahant Oceanological Society, second floor "I wish this damn thing would shut up."
Nahant Oceanological Society, research laboratory "Looks like someone wanted their seafood to go."
[[]] "Looks like someone has a dirty little secret."
Gorski Cabin, root cellar workshop "Why would anyone be stupid enough to try and build a nuke?"
"I wonder how many folks died on that table?"
"Well, well... what do we have here?"
"I never get tired of killin' this lot."
University Point, just inside the gate "Institute didn't leave much left, did they."
[[]] "Well, that's the end of our little sniper friend."
"If I start glowin', you be sure to shoot me, alright?"
Mass Fusion disposal site "I'm pretty sure that the water isn't supposed to be doin' that."
"Power company was rollin' in dough, eh?"
"Never seen this kind of metro station before."
Mahkra Fishpacking, basement store room "I wonder if you can even catch fish anymore... and even if you could, would you want to eat them?"
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, basement; just past the elevator "Are you kiddin' me?"
"Oh god... this is disgustin'. Why would you ever put meat into a can?"
Vault 81, observation room "Vault-Tec... makin' the perverts look like saints."
"There's no end to this place."
"Libertalia, eh? I guess it's time for some target practice."
Libertalia, at the top of the main structure "Well that was a fun little workout. Can we do it again?"
"We go skinny dippin' in there, things might start fallin' off."
Kingsport Lighthouse, at the top beacon "Usin' a glowin' one for the lighthouse... someone was thinkin' outside the box."
WRVR broadcast station, control room "Whatever you do... please don't turn on your radio. That shite gives me a headache."
Jamaica Plain, treasure room "Are you serious? After all we went through, this capsule is the "treasure?!""
Jamaica Plain, security room before the hallway "Might as well put up a sign sayin' "valuable loot here.""
Jalbert Brothers Disposal, at the barn with the barrels "The Children of Atom make Gunners look sane by comparison."
Super-Duper Mart, front counters "I've been through my share of markets. Sometimes I get desperate and start lookin' for the cookin' sherry... know what I mean?"
Irish Pride Industries shipyard, at the corpse of Rory Rigwell "This idiot got what was comin' to him."
[[]] "Okay, this is sick... even by my standards."
Cambridge crater, edge when attacked by ghouls "I'm thinkin' that comin' down here isn't the best idea you've ever had."
Cambridge crater, edge "That must have been one hell of a blast. There's nothin' left."
[[]] "City actually looks... well, kind of peaceful from up here."
[[]] "If there were so many pre-war libraries, why did those people end up making such foolish decisions?"
Hub City Auto Wreckers, while on the crane "Clever or not, that still looks dangerous to me."
Hester's Consumer Robotics, entrance: showroom floor "Always wanted me own robot drinkin' buddy."
[[]] "Looks like the ferals are doin' the exterminatin' for us."
College Square, the square "Ferals turned this place into a real shitehouse."
[[]] "If you're lookin' to build somethin', this is the place to do it."
[[]] "Watch yourself... somethin's about to go down."
Fort Hagan, command center – outside the gated main room, next to the door "This must be where all the top brass hung out while the soldiers were dyin' on the surface."
Greater Mass Blood Clinic, basement storage "Maybe we should help ourselves... I might know a few places we can unload the stuff."
"They used to make an amazin' drink with tarberries at the Combat Zone. Tasted awful, but would knock you out after a few sips."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Atom Cats' garage, unable to determine due to bugged content. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "There's nothing quite like the smell of power armor grease and testosterone."
Gunners Plaza, cafeteria – before the staircase "You feelin' a draft in here?"
Gunners Plaza, main entrance of the atrium writer's room "Here's a newsflash... everyone died when the bombs fell. No one left to tell that story."
When walking on a mirelurk infested beach, between Reeb Marina and Gibson Point Pier. "I like long walks on the beach as much as any other girl, but not with these lurks walkin' around."
General Atomics factory, quality assurance test chamber "Now if they could teach these things to sing "Sweet Rosie O'Grady," I'd be impressed."
Back Alley Bowling, at the lanes "Still smells like cigarettes and stale beer in here."
General Atomics galleria, at the gate "Looks like someone was proud of themselves for buildin' those robots."
"It's like it's me birthday and you knew exactly what I wanted."
Fort Strong, sublevel in the room before the main mini nuke storage room. "Fat Man shells! You know how much we can get for these?!"
West Roxbury station, platform "Well, I'll be damned. Someone got one of these stupid trains to work."
"Nothin' I love more than gettin' me boots wet."
Federal surveillance center K-21B, gantry overlook "Interestin'. More to this place than meets the eye."
Faneuil Hall, the hall "This place smells disgustin'. What the hell died in here?"
Concord civic access, main pipe room "Oh yeah, trudgin' through here is much better than walkin' the streets above us."
[[]] "There's a goddamn Deathclaw up ahead."
Fairline Hill Estates, at the fortified house "Better in there than out here. Let's go."
Fairline Hill Estates, at the entrance to the cul-de-sac "I don't like this. Somethin's not right here."
"That's a lovely view of the river. Must have been nice here before the world went to shite."
"While we're in here, maybe we could get a little inside information for placin' our bets."
Easy City Downs, northern corner fence hole to the racetrack, next to the stands "Now this might be a nice place to win a few caps."
East Boston Preparatory School, third floor torture chamber "These were added after the bombs fell, right?"
"No way... we're not swimmin' in there."
"That's a long way down."
[[]] "Let's just get through this garden quickly... I'm startin' to hate this place."
[[]] "Experiments were goin' on in a mental hospital? Could this get any worse?"
[[]] "I know this sounds crazy, but... well... this place is givin' me the creeps."
[[]] "I've heard of pre-war drunk drivers, but this is ridiculous."
USS Constitution, after quest the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "That ship ends up everywhere except the water."
Weatherby Savings and Loan, before the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "How in the hell did a ship get all the way up there?"
D.B. Technical High School, basement – after killing Bosco or at the throne "Actually, that looks kind of cute on him."
"Whatever's down there, I'm sure it isn't friendly."
Croup Manor, basement "That's why I hate ferals... no damn table manners."
Crater House, edge of crater "Livin' in a crater isn't my idea of "home sweet home.""
"If you want to get through the tunnel, those Raiders won't even slow us down."
Corvega assembly plant, entrance of the assembly line room "I've spent a lot of time in the backseats of these things."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Coast Guard Pier, either at the corner of the pier by the tower, or the center of the building. The super mutants were supposed to be wearing Coast Guard hats. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "Either I'm havin' a bad chem flashback or those mutants are wearin' sailor's hats."
"Lesson learned. Never play chicken with a drawbridge."
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir "If you want to wade out and check that boat, you go right ahead."
"Smells like shite down here."
Shaw High School, cafeteria "I'm gonna guess that we shouldn't be eatin' anythin' we find in here."
Charles View Amphitheater "Do you think tonight's show is sold out?"
"What the heck is "polymer" anyway?"
Cabot House, laboratory "I don't know what they're workin' on in here, but it can't be good."
Cabot House, living room "There might be some valuable stuff inside. Let's go check it out."
Bunker Hill, base of the monument "Let's keep away from this thing... looks like it's goin' to fall over any second now."
Breakheart Banks, at the building "Who in their right mind would be farmin' in the middle of the goddamn wasteland?"
Boston Public Library, hall where defenses are "Which section has the dirty magazines?"
Boston Public Library, main entrance "Well, this is certainly a friendly way to welcome people to a library."
Boston mayoral shelter, at the basketball court "I'm guess this is where the mayor used to play with his balls."
[[]] "Amazin' how much money these old corporations threw away buildin' crazy shite like this."
[[]] "Not much left of this bloke, is there."
Beantown Brewery, bottling room floor "You call this a brewery, I call it a church."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the fountain "How come these things never have statues of naked blokes?"
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the escalators "What's with these weird metal stairs?"
Joe's Spuckies (Southie speakeasy), speakeasy stairway "There's got to be somethin' left in here to drink."
The Switchboard, the foyer of the agency "What the hell is the "Defense Intelligence Agency?""
BADTFL regional office, evidence lockup "Looks like the holidays have arrived early this year."
Cait's activity comments
Activity Comments
Cait's surrounding remarks
Surrounding Remarks


Icon armored vault suit.png
Cait's bandolier
Assault carbine icon.png
Double-barrel shotgun
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death
No additional items


Cait appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. 18 years with parents, 5 with the slavers, 3 at the Combat Zone totals 26. 2287 - 26 = 2261
  2. The Sole Survivor: "Why didn't you run away?"
    Cait: "I tried. Twice. The first time I did it, they locked me in a shed outside of the house we lived in. The second time, they broke one of me legs."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "I appreciate your trust."
    Cait: "Well, you're the first to earn it. It all starts with two wastes of humanity I suppose you could call me parents. I'm convinced I was a mistake, because I can't remember a single moment that they treated me like their daughter. I was yelled at and beaten. Everythin' I did was wrong. Nothin' but a nuisance in their eyes. The whole time I was tellin' meself that they had to love me, even if it was just the tiniest bit, because they never kicked me out. Then me eighteenth birthday arrived, and I found out why they kept me around. They slapped a shock collar around me neck and sold me to slavers. They didn't even care enough about me to say goodbye. Eighteen years of sufferin' through that shite and all I was worth to them was a pocketful of caps."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "How could you kill your own parents?"
    Cait: "How can you call them parents? They were opportunists who were takin' advantage of a human bein' just to make a few caps! If I had come out of that bitch of a mother deformed, they would have drowned me in the river and started again. They didn't give a shite about me. So I didn't give a shite about them. End of story."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  5. The Sole Survivor: "My god. I'm so sorry."
    Cait: "Thanks, but there's more to the story. It would be easy to blame me charmin' personality on me parents. But they didn't make me this way, I did. I was with those slavers for five years. Roughest five of me goddamn life. The things they made me do... the way they used me for their amusement. It sickens me to my stomach even thinkin' about it. But I bidded me time and learned to use their own methods against them. Stealin' a few caps out of a sleepin' man's pocket is a piece of cake... as long as you don't get greedy."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  6. The Sole Survivor: "I can't even imagine having to go through something like that."
    Cait: "You think that's low? Just wait. The story gets much worse. It took every ounce of patience I had, but after five years I had finally pocketed enough to buy me own way outta there. But instead of headin' off to try and repair the shambles of me life, I gave in to me rage and I headed home. You can imagine the look on me parents faces when I kicked open their door. What you can't imagine is what they looked like after... after I emptied me gun into them."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  7. The Sole Survivor: "I always have time to listen to you, Cait."
    Cait: "Good, because this isn't easy for me to say, and I want to get it right. Sigh. Where do I begin? Did you know I spent three years fightin' at the Combat Zone? Three years of gettin' beaten to hell by a bunch of losers and lunatics. After the matches were over, I'd spit out the blood, stitch me wounds and do a couple shots of Psycho to keep me goin'. I fuckin' hated it. I hated the crowds, I hated the other fighters and I hated meself. I never understood why I put myself through all of that. Until now. It's because I was alone. And I think deep down, I wanted to die... I wanted one of me opponents to crush the life out of me. The easy way out."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  8. The Sole Survivor: "Why are you so paranoid about debts?"
    Cait: "It was kind of my fault. Got close to a guy named Stratton while I was there... thought we really had somethin' goin'. One night we had a fight cause I wouldn't hop in the sack with him. Our fight got pretty bad... nothin' physical, just a whole lot of yellin'. So I get pissed off, and I leave. I get outside and a bunch of Raiders start pushin' me around, givin' me shite. Stratton walks out, looks at me and says "Next time you'll think twice before walkin' out on me." Fucker left me there. I got beat up pretty good that night. That's when I learned that nobody does favors for free."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  9. The Sole Survivor: "What exactly do you think I'm expecting in return?"
    Cait: "Who knows? Doin' your laundry, takin' a bullet for you, haulin' your gear... what's the difference? I don't think I'm getting' through to you. Let me explain what I mean, and then maybe you'll understand where I'm comin' from. I spent three years livin' at the Combat Zone. Smelled like puke and piss, but I called it home. I was makin' a few caps, had me own bed to sleep in and three hot meals a day. Then the Raiders took over the place. You know that lot... they aren't exactly what you'd call "the gentle type." After they moved in, if you didn't keep lookin' over your shoulder, you were liable to get sucker punched and robbed... or worse. Didn't take me long to learn that I had to put my hard-earned caps to good use. Buyin' friends was essential to makin' life easier. So I guess I'm waitin' for you to hand me a bill, you know what I mean?"
    (Cait's dialogue)
  10. The Sole Survivor: "Sounds like justice to me."
    Cait: "Was it justice or was it murder? When I close me eyes, all I can see is their faces twisted with fear. And then me mind starts wanderin' and I start judgin' myself. And it's rippin' me the fuck apart. You think I inject myself with all that shite and drink myself drunk because I'm a "tough Irish gal?" I do it so I can forget and move on with me miserable life. So there you are. The entire flawed package known as Cait, stripped bare for your perusal."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  11. Cait: "I never thought I'd be sayin' this, but I... well, I really need your help."
    The Sole Survivor: "Anything you need, Cait."
    Cait: "I was hopin' you'd say that. We're friends now, which means I can trust ya with anythin'. I'm also hopin' it means you've got me back... 'cause I need it now more than ever. I'm... I'm sick... and I don't think I can hide it from ya anymore."
    The Sole Survivor: "Okay, calm down and take a deep breath. If you're sick, I want to help you."
    Cait: "Okay, okay... it's like this. Ever since I left home, I been usin' Psycho. I dunno why I'm still takin' that crap, but I can't stop... and believe me, I've tried. I can't even go a day without it anymore and I'm fuckin' sick and tired of it. I've even been doin' it behind your back.... sneakin' doeses when I think you aren't lookin'. Worst of all, it's been makin' me sick. I've been spittin' blood and I don't feel right inside. I need to get this shite out of me system before I wind up dead."
    (Cait's dialogue)
  12. The Sole Survivor: "Well, that's the past. You're not alone anymore."
    Cait: "Then maybe you know what I'm tryin' to say to you. My life's been nothin' but one huge failure after another. You've heard all me stories and you know the prices I've paid. There were a few times... when things got really bad, that I... I found meself starin' down the barrel of me own shotgun. I don't why I didn't pull the trigger. I guess I was prayin' that I could find a single decent scrap of humanity in this fucked up world. And then... what you did for me back there at Vault 95... it was like the answer to those prayers. That's the first time in me life I fully depended on someone else and they didn't let me down. Goddamn it, I'm makin' a mess of this..."
    (Cait's dialogue)