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Caesar's tent
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FactionsCaesar's Legion
Cell NameTheFortSummit
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Caesar's tent is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. Located at the top of the hill The Fort is built on, it is home to Caesar.


There are three areas in Caesar's tent:

  • The first is a small area that acts like a check-point for the main room. In this area are 1-2 Praetorian guard members and a dog. Unless the player has a high sneak and/or a Stealth Boy, the player will most likely be detected by the Legion mongrel or the guards.
  • The second area appears to be a war room or command center for the Legion, containing several tables strewn with maps, clipboards, and books, as well as Caesar's throne.
  • The third area is accessed by an opening behind the throne, and contains Caesar's bed, an Auto-Doc, and a locked footlocker (see Notable Loot section for details).

The tent always contains two or three Legion mongrels, five or six Praetorian guards armed with ballistic fists, and Caesar himself. The other occupants depend on choices made by the player earlier in the game. Possible occupants include Vulpes Inculta, Benny (bound), and Alerio.

If the player plans on killing Caesar, it is highly advised they take the fight outside of the tent. All enemies within the tent are dangerous close quarters fighters, some of which are equipped with the deadly ballistic fist which can be an obstacle for even higher level characters. This added to the very narrow nature of the tent make it a very difficult setting to fight Caesar and his guards.

Notable loot


Caesar's tent appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.