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Caesar's Legion operates in accordance with a strict military rank system, inspired by pre-Marian Roman military.



  • Recruit Legionaries (Latin: legionarius, pl. legionarii) are the lowest ranked members of Caesar's Legion, these Legionaries come from the various tribes recently conquered by the Legion. Freshly trained, these legionaries are those who are given only basic equipment. They are the most common type of the legionaries and make up the hastati maniple.
The hastati maniple – the first rank of heavy (technically medium) infantry in the pre-Marian legion – are expected to hold the front of the line in the center of the battle. Their lighter armor and position in the front inevitably causes them to suffer the highest casualties in any battle, but good performance (and survival) meant promotion and upward social mobility.
  • Prime legionary are the second lowest ranked members of Caesar's Legion and come from the various stock. These legionaries are those whom have more experience in battle. Although some are from conquered tribals, most are likely from children trained from childhood to be legionaries. These legionaries are given better equipment and are the most trained common type of the legionaries. They also make up the hastati maniple.
  • Veteran legionary - Veteran legionaries are not only the best equipped amongst the standard legionaries, they are also the most experienced as well. They are typically held in reserve until the recruit and the prime legionaries are defeated.


  • Prime decanus
  • Recruit decanus - Legionaries are given the position of decanus when they display leadership potential consistently in battle. A legionary decanus has the authority to run small camps as well as act as a deputy for the local centurion. Seniority determines the quality of the decanus' armor; a standard decanus will only have the recruit's armor whereas a seasoned decanus will be given a veteran legionary's armor. They are easily distinguished by their helmets, which are adorned with multiple feathers.


  • Centurion - centurions serve as field commanders during major operations. They are often appointed to their position through years of dedicated service and their martial prowess reflects the rigors they have endured. They are clad in heavy armor cobbled together from their fallen foes and use various weapons to great effect. However, they are generally kept away from danger due to the strategic value of each centurion. Outside of battle, centurions act as administrators of Legion camps with the assistance of the decanus.


  • Legate - The legate is the commander of the legionaries and is subservient to none but Caesar. The position of legate is only given to individuals who demonstrate unshakable loyalty, leadership skills, and unrestrained ferocity. Consequently, the legate is feared by Caesar's foes, as he is essentially the face of the Legion. Joshua Graham was the first legate but was executed for his defeat at Hoover Dam. Lanius was appointed as Joshua's successor.

Some legionaries are given different assignments such as reconnaissance, assassination, and scouting duties:

  • Legionary scout - A legionary trained in the arts of reconnaissance. These legionaries are equipped with hunting rifles and lighter versions of the standard recruit armor. They are often accompanied by Legion mongrels as support.
  • Legion explorer - A veteran scout legionary. They are not intended for combat and will thus carry only basic weaponry. They serve as scouts, messengers, and sentries in various Legion camps.
  • Legionary assassin - A specially trained legionary, sent after Caesar's most hated enemies. They are extremely dangerous due to the fact that they travel in packs and utilize powerful firearms and melee weapons. Legionary assassins are typically led into battle by a vexillarius.

Other positions

  • Frumentarii - The eyes and ears of Caesar, the Frumentarii serve as spies, saboteurs, and assassins. They operate separately from the main Legion forces and are hand picked by Caesar himself. In 2281, the leader of this unit is Vulpes Inculta.
  • Vexillarius - A soldier chosen as a vexillarius is a standard bearer that carries the Vexillum, a military standard displaying the emblem of the Legion. The vexillarius provide troops with a rallying point and morale during heated exchanges. These soldiers are given luxuries including firearms, superior armor, and distinctive helmets in comparison to the standard legionary.
  • Praetorian - They are soldiers or officers with the potential to become centurions but operate as members of Caesar's security detail. Prospective praetorians must challenge the praetorian they think is the weakest. The two men will then fight to the death in hand-to-hand combat for the title of praetorian. The praetorians are proficient in unarmed combat and augment their innate fighting abilities with lethal ballistic fists. In 2281, the leader of this section is Lucius, who is the third most powerful man in the Legion.
  • Blacksmith - The blacksmiths are responsible for the maintenance of the Legion's weapons and armor. While their role in the Legion does not involve direct combat, they are well-armored and skilled with handling chainsaws, which serve as their tools and weapons. These men are generally found in legion camps.
  • Legionary Instructor - The legionary instructor is responsible for the training of future legionaries. They are trusted with turning boys into potent warriors and thus are encouraged to subject their charges to rigorous training. They frequently threaten to kill their students should they not give full attention to improving their skills.
8 of Clubs.jpg
  • Speculatores - Though there is little known about this group of the Legion, they are featured in the collector's deck that came with the Fallout: New Vegas collector's edition. They are represented via the 8 of clubs, and the card features a sword in the ground and a quote about Mars. They are also mentioned in the quest Oh My Papa by Melissa. She is told she could become one by a Frumentarii agent named Karl. However, it is apparent that Karl is lying to Melissa given the fact that the legion does not allow women to serve.[1] Ancient Roman Speculatores filled scouting roles. It is possible the Legion's Speculatores handle mapping and battlefield reconnaissance, as opposed to the covert spy work of the Frumentarii.


  1. The Courier: "Regis says I should talk to you about speaking against the Great Khans' alliance with Caesar."
    Melissa Lewis: "You can ask, but why would I do that? Karl's told me all about life in the Legion! He says I've got all the makings of a speculatore."
    The Courier: "Did he also tell you women aren't permitted to serve in the Legion?"
    Melissa Lewis: "What? No, he... what do you mean, aren't allowed to serve? Why would he lie about that?"
    The Courier: "If the Great Khans join the Legion, you'll be sold as a slave. An officer's wife, if you're lucky."
    Melissa Lewis: "That lying little weasel! I almost fell for it, too! All right, you've got a deal. You can tell Papa I won't support an alliance."
    (Melissa Lewis' dialogue)