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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.



{100}{}{You see the Caravan Driver.}
{101}{}{Did you want to return to the Hub? I'll pay you another 400 scripts.}
{102}{}{Rutger should be pleased; we made it without any casualties. Did you want to come back with us? We're almost ready to go. The pay will be another 400 scripts.}
{103}{}{That was easier than I expected. Are you coming back with us? I'm sure another 400 scripts would come in handy.}
{104}{}{That wasn't too bad. If you want to come back with us to the Hub, you're welcome to. We'll pay you another 400 scripts.}
{105}{}{It's always a shame to lose someone. Rutger isn't going to take this well, but we could use your help getting back. Are you interested? Pay's still 400 scripts.}
{106}{}{Damn! I hate losing good guards. We've got to be more careful on our way back. We've got to cover each other. We can't let this happen again. I'll pay you another 400 scripts. Up for it?}
{107}{}{Are you able to come back to the Hub with us? I can't risk losing another guard. The pay's 400 scripts. What do you say?}
{108}{}{I really could use your help getting back. Rutger's going to kill me and I don't know if I can make it alone. If you're interested, pay's still 400 scripts. So, what do you say?}
{109}{}{It's going to be a tough trip back going alone. Would you come back to the Hub with me for another 400 scripts?}
{110}{}{I can't believe we lost both of the other guards. Rutger and Butch are going to have my ass.}
{114}{}{Great. Let's go.}
{115}{}{What, are you afraid?}
{116}{}{Ah, you're missing out on some action.}
{117}{}{That's okay. I'm sure we can make it back without a problem. Thanks for helping us all get here in one piece.}
{118}{}{That's okay. I understand. It'll be rough with just one guard, but we'll make it.}
{119}{}{Uh, okay. I'm sure I can make it alone.}
{120}{}{You all right? The trip must have been harder on you than I thought.}
{121}{}{You on chems?}
{122}{}{Maybe I don't want you on my caravan.}
{123}{}{So did you change your mind? Do you want the job?}
{127}{}{Easy money. So, do you want to come back with us to the Hub? The pay's the same either way; but then again, so is the danger.}
{128}{}{So, you up for 600 more caps? I've got to head back to the Hub. Hopefully this'll be another easy one.}
{129}{}{I knew you'd come back with us. It'll be 600 caps again. You interested?}
{130}{}{I hate losing someone like that; that's why we pay the big bucks. This is a dangerous route. Well, Demetre's expecting us back soon. Pay's the same. Do you want to come back with us?}
{131}{}{You ready for some more action? This time we won't even get a scratch! I'll give you 600 caps for the trip back to the Hub.}
{132}{}{I know. It's a shame to lose someone, but at least it was in battle. You up for another go at it? We're heading back to the Hub. Give you 600 caps again.}
{133}{}{Damn, I can't believe we lost both of those guards. Demetre's going to be pissed. The pay will be the same, but I'm heading back soon. So what do you say? You and me kick some butt?}
{134}{}{Now that was a fight, it's a shame about the other two. Demetre won't like these losses but at least we made it. Are you going to be accompanying me back the Hub? It will, of course, pay 600 caps.}
{135}{}{I love the taste of battle but I hate loosing my troops. Do you think you and I can handle them again? I'm heading out soon -- only down side is that the pay's the same. Sorry, no compensation.}
{137}{}{Okay. I'm sure we'll make it back just fine.}
{138}{}{I only really need one guard anyhow.}
{139}{}{Ah, I can take them all on myself.}
{140}{}{Ah, you're back! You want the job then, right?}
{142}{}{Why, hello there. Looking for a job? We could use someone to help guard our caravans on the way back to the Hub. The pay's 400 scripts.}
{144}{}{No thanks.}
{146}{}{Why, hello there. Looking for a job? We could use someone to help guard our caravans on the way back to the Hub. The pay's 600 caps, but mind you it's normally quite a dangerous trip.}
{149}{}{Let me know if you change your mind. We leave at 1400 hours.}
{150}{}{Sorry, you don't look like you're in any shape for caravan duty.}
{151}{}{If you can't talk straight I can't hire you.}
{152}{}{If you want a job, lay off the chems.}
{153}{}{Did you change your mind about the job?}
{154}{}{Yes. I'll hire on.}
{156}{}{Here's your pay. Let me know if you're coming back with us.}


This is a dialogue file for Guard the caravans unmarked quest character - caravan driver.