Button's wig

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Button's wig
Button's Wig.png
Icon wig.png
DR1Item HP100
EffectsIN +1, PE -1, Barter +5, Speech +10
QuestsStealing Independence
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Button's wig is a unique piece of headwear in Fallout 3. Stylistically, it resembles a powdered wig from the 17-18th centuries.


At the expense of a 1 point penalty to Perception, it grants bonuses of 1 to Intelligence, 5 to Barter and 10 to Speech skills. It also provides a damage resistance of 1 but cannot be repaired other than by merchants.


The wig is found on top of Button Gwinnett's cabinet in the National Archives at the end of the Stealing Independence quest.


  • The Intelligence bonus gives +2 to the Science, Medicine and Repair skills (assuming you do not already have 10 Intelligence). This is the only headgear other than Lincoln's hat that gives bonuses to these skills.
  • A bonus of 10 to Speech has about the same result to non-player character disposition as 2 points of Charisma.
  • If worn, the effects screen in your Pip-Boy will label it as gentleman's demeanor.
  • Despite Button wearing one of these wigs, you cannot collect the one he wears (it does not show up in his inventory).