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Building a Better Crop
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Quest data
LocationThe Institute
Warwick homestead
Given ByIsaac Karlin
Reward20 Stimpaks
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Building a Better Crop is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


With the Institute now acting as an ally to the Sole Survivor, the rumors of synths replacing wastelanders across the Commonwealth are revealed to be justified. However, are these spies as sinister as the common wastelander would like to believe?


  1. After completing Institutionalized, Isaac Karlin in the Bioscience division of the Institute, will ask the player to help his research, by transporting genetically modified seeds to a synth spy who has assumed the life of Roger Warwick at the Warwick homestead.
  2. Upon reaching Roger, he will take the player aside, away from prying eyes and curious ears, and will reveal that a man by the name of Bill Sutton suspects Roger's true identity, and is doing what he can to convince everyone else of this fact. Even more concerning, is that one of the farm hands, by the name of Cedric Hopton, slipped away unnoticed, to obtain help in ridding the homestead of its synth presence.
  3. After speaking with the other members of the Warwick family, who are not entirely convinced that Roger is really a synth, they will reveal that Cedric was sent to Third Rail in Goodneighbor.
  4. Once reached, Cedric will be adamant and only divulge his role in Bill's plot for caps, appeal to him with a sympathetic Persuasion check, or calling him out on his bluffs until he finally gives in on his own.
  5. Bill asked Cedric to hire a killer and take out Roger Warwick. However, Cedric decided against following through with the plot and decided to stay in Goodneighbor for a while. Problem is, Bill's unstable enough to kill Roger regardless.
  6. Upon returning to the homestead, Bill, in desperation, has Roger at gunpoint, knowing that the player is the reason why Cedric has not returned with mercenary help yet. At this point, Bill will need to either:
    1. Be calmed down through a Persuasion check, in which he will apologize to the Warwick family and all will be forgiven,
    2. Be killed in order to preserve Roger's life.
  7. Upon returning, Issac will thank the player profusely, and will award their efforts.

Quest stages

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