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The Brotherhood registration[1] is an alphanumeric code identifier unique to each member of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Every number is structured as follows:

  • XX are two capital letters representing a member's last name (or chosen name). The usual rule is that the first two consonants are selected (Maxson returns MX).
  • YYY is the serial number. Elder Arthur Maxson has the lowest number as the Supreme Commander, 001.
  • ZZ is the rank of the holder, updated as they advance through the ranks. Depending on the rank, it may be a single letter or two.

List of members by number

Name Registration
Elder Arthur Maxson MX-001E
Knight Keane KN-100K
Knight Rhys RS-104K
Knight-Sergeant Dawes DW-112KS
Knight Worwick WR-113K
Scribe Haylen HN-118FS
Engineering Scribe Osridge OG-133ES
Knight-Sergeant Merric MR-192KS
Knight R. Cohle CL-228K
Initiate D. Clarke CL-312I
Lancer-Captain Kells KS-390LC
Paladin Danse DN-407P
Scribe Bainbridge BB-426ES
Knight-Captain Cade CD-440KC
Proctor Ingram IG-444PR
Proctor Quinlan QN-448PR
Proctor Teagan TG-477PR
Scribe Neriah NR-490SS

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