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For an overview of T-51 power armor in the Fallout series, see T-51 power armor. For an overview of various models of power armor in the Fallout series, see power armor.
Brotherhood T-51b power armor
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DT25Item HP2000
Effects+1 Strength
+25 Radiation resistance
Disguise: Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood T-51b power armor
T-51b power armor, T-45d power armor
NCR salvaged power armor
Heavy Armor
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The Brotherhood T-51b power armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


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The T-51[1] is the apex of pre-War powered combat infantry development. Developed over a decade of war by West-Tek, it incorporates many of the lessons gleaned from the T-45 power armor service history. Unlike its predecessor, the T-51 benefits from a long development cycle and uses custom-made components to create not a stop-gap model, but a weapon that provides the best possible protection through incorporating the latest passive defense features.[2][3][4][5]

Like the T-45, it is designed for a single human operator, patterned after the human silhouette. Unlike its older sibling, the exterior shell is made from a poly-laminate composite capable of absorbing over 2.5 kilojoules of energy without damage. The strength of the material is further enhanced by the organic, rounded profile of the shell, improving the chances of deflecting projectiles and explosions compared to the older steel plating present on the T-45. The shell is coated in a 10 micron silver ablative layer that allows for reflecting laser blasts and radiation emissions without damaging the composite surface directly.[5][6] The surface can be treated in a special chemical process to increase its defensive properties substantially.[7] To further enhance protection against direct contact with and contamination by radioactive, biological or chemical substances, the armor can be made air tight, allowing its operator to explore even the most contaminated areas with reasonable safety as long as the armor is not compromised.[8] The helmet is an integral part of this protection, fitted with a rubberized cowl mounted to the chest plate and providing a tight seal. As with all T-series, the vision slit is bullet-proof.[9] Compared to its predecessor, the helmet is smaller and more durable, made out of a single piece of composite, with an easily removable vision assembly. As with the T-45, the ear ports double as accessory mounting points, with a drop-down aiming ocular being standard on all T-51 suits. A forehead-mounted lamp is provided for convenience.

The T-51's ace in the hole is the hydraulics system integrated into the West Tek power armor frame.[10] Powered by a back-mounted TX-28 Micro-Fusion Pack generating 60,000 watts, the HiFlo hydraulics integrated into the frame of the suit allow it to carry the bulk of the suit and allow the soldier to carry heavy weapons into combat. Due to the design of the T-51, it's much more nimble and agile than the T-45.[5] However, to achieve optimal performance, the armor has to be custom-fitted to each operator.[7] A properly fitted armor worn by a well trained operator feels like an extension of one's body.[11] Comfort is imperative to success in combat operations, aided by the power armor's ability to recycle urine into perfectly drinkable water, allowing the operator to survive for weeks in power armor.[12] [13]


Brotherhood T-51b power armor provides a Damage Threshold of 25 as well as a bonus of 1 to Strength and +25% Radiation resistance. It can be repaired with T-51b power armor, T-45d power armor, and with salvaged power armor. You must have Power Armor Training in order to wear this armor.

This armor acts as a Brotherhood of Steel disguise, which will make NCR personnel hostile towards you (Unless you have peacefully completed the Brotherhood section of For the Republic, Part 2).


  • Hidden Valley bunker: can be pickpocketed from Head Paladin Hardin if he becomes Elder as he will not wear it.
  • Hidden Valley: two can be found in a radioactive crater east. (If you only find the body of the dead paladin with the logs, the other body probably glitched into the side of the crater). About 5 centaurs are in and around the crater including a bigger centaur called Moe.
  • Nellis Air Force Base: two can be found just outside the base. You can find while avoiding the artillery shells flying at you; or gain entrance to Nellis then come back and search in relative safety.
  • REPCONN headquarters: two can be found on the third floor. You'll find two downed Brotherhood of Steel members, one under a fallen chunk of ceiling, the other against the wall, a few feet from Piers Isley's Briefcase.
  • Four more can be looted from dead Paladins depending on how you finish Veronica's quest, I Could Make You Care.
  • Can be obtained from Hidden Valley if the player has the Mister Sandman perk and kills sleeping paladins. (Doesn't turn any BoS characters hostile), however, in a "Hidden" position, with a silenced weapon, The Brotherhood will turn hostile unlike any other faction if you stealthily kill members.
  • Can also be pickpocketed from sleeping Paladins as they will remove it while sleeping. The Paladin at the shooting range, however, will not remove his to go to sleep. Also, the Paladins who sleep in the beds near the range are the only ones who remove their armor for sleeping.

Note: Its almost impossible to pickpocket it, even with a sneak skill of 100 or a Stealth Boy.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png PCIcon pc.png Brotherhood T-51b power armor is much more common than intended, due to the armor occupying a list meant to hold Brotherhood T-45d power armor. Among other issues, this results in the dead paladins found in the quest Still in the Dark being attired in T-51b armor, rather than the intended T-45d armor.
  • Sitting on a bench or couch while wearing the armor will cause the shoulder guards to move out of place. Similar to other power armor such as the T-45d power armor.
  • After declaring peace between the Brotherhood and the NCR, regular soldiers will not attack you with the armor on, but Rangers will "see through your disguise" and attack you.
  • The NCR will attack you if you wear this armor but doesn't seem to care if Veronica is wearing it and Major Knight at Mojave Outpost will even repair it for you.
  • If you give a companion this armor while wearing it a pop-up screen with an OK button will appear, similar to if you play New Vegas on a PC with a mouse, telling you that you're not longer dressed as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and is difficult to exit.


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