Broken Hills mine

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Broken Hills mine
Fo2 Broken Hills Mine Int.png
Mine outside
Map MarkerMine
Part ofBroken Hills
LeadersZaius (foreman)
QuestsFix the mine's air purifier.
Blow up the mine's air purifier.

The Broken Hills uranium mine is the livelihood of the entire town.


The uranium mines are the lifeblood of Broken Hills. Super mutants, thanks to their natural immunity to radiation, are capable of withstanding the background radiation of the uranium and remove it from the rocky soil with ease. However, sabotage by the human supremacists caused the air purifier to shut down and radon gas to build up, which poses a danger even to the resistant mutants.


The air purifier is located to the upper right, note the page illustration for reference.

There is a hidden chamber next to the entrance. Within is Chuck Stodgers, uranium ore, and a total of 1500 experience points.


Broken Hills Mine appears only in Fallout 2.