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Broken Hills downtown
Fo2 Broken Hills West No Roof.png
Map MarkerBroken Hills Downtown
Part ofBroken Hills
Connects toBroken Hills residential
QuestsFix the mine's air purifier.
Find the missing people for Marcus.
Beat Francis at armwrestling.
Break Manson and Franc out of prison.
Blow up the mine's air purifier.
Divert more electrical power to Eric's home.
Typhon's Treasure
TerminalsComputer console for the power station

Broken Hills Downtown is a part of Broken Hills.


  • General store: Located in an old garage right by the entrance, Liz offers a good selection of wares.
  • Caravan office: South of the entrance, this large enclosure is responsible for organizing uranium shipments to Vault City, Gecko, and other settlements that require it. Talk to Bill to shovel crap (and receive the Expert Excrement Expeditor perk with enough shit shoveled) or do caravan runs.
  • Bar: Francis spends his day here, looking for a challenger. Phil tends the counter and sells beverages at a deep discount.
  • Power station: Brian operates the nuclear generator providing energy to the entire town.
  • Uranium refinery: Refines ore excavated in the mine. Refinery supervisor will refine any ore the player has and buy it back at a 50% profit.
  • Bank: An old bank converted into the city jail. The current denizens are Franc and Manson, busted after a hate crime went wide.

Notable loot

  • With the exception of the bookcase in Marcus' and Francis' house, all containers on this map are empty.


  • Lockers storing shop inventories for every merchant in the Downtown area can be accessed by exploiting a flaw in the map design. The southernmost hex of the exit grid to the wasteland does not contain the activator to bring up the world map, allowing the player character to enter the inaccessible outer area. By circumnavigating the map outside the caravan office, refinery, bar, and avoiding the transit grid to the Residential area the player can reach the lockers and pilfer them. The first one is always empty, but the second, third, and right lockers are not.
  • The lockers can be exploited further to assassinate merchants. As the script will temporarily transfer the contents of the footlockers into the character's inventory for trading, placing a live explosive on a long timer into the crate will result in it being transferred to the character. The script doesn't remove the explosive afterwards, allowing for an amusing, if pointless, method of killing.
  • The Refinery supervisor can be exploited for infinite money. If the player finds uranium ore and brings it to him, he will refine it (24 hours need to pass) and offer to buy it back for $1500. The flag needed to close the conversation branch is never activated, allowing for it to be sold over and over for $1500 per shot.


Broken Hills Downtown appears in Fallout 2.