Broadcast building

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Broadcast building
FNV Black Mountain Broadcast Building.png
FNV Black Mountain Broadcast Building Int 1.png
FNV Black Mountain Broadcast Building Int 2.png
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Black Mountain loc.jpg
Part ofBlack Mountain
FactionsState of Utobitha
QuestsCrazy, Crazy, Crazy
Cell NameBlackMountainRadio (1st floor)
BlackMountainRadio2 (2nd floor)
ref id000e60d7 (1st floor)
000e60f4 (2nd floor)
TerminalsBlack Mountain terminals

The broadcast building is the broadcasting center located on the summit of Black Mountain.


The building has two floors, the lower one houses the infrastructure and other broadcasting equipment, as well as the terminal entries chronicling the history of Black Mountain. The staircase at the back leads to the upper floor, where Tabitha's room and broadcast center for Black Mountain Radio are located. It is initially locked, but the key can be found either on Tabitha or under the rear staircase (a light-colored pile of rocks).

Notable loot


The broadcast building appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.