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Broad machete
Broad machete icon.png
SkillMelee Weapons 0
Strength Req.3
Attack statistics
15 (20.9)
48.5 (107.8)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
3.2 (5.2)AP17
Effect.5x weapon reach
Item HP75
One-handed melee
Editor ID?
Base ID001735e5
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Lord Death
Perks (Att.)
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Gametitle-FNV.pngGametitle-FNV CS.png

The broad machete is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It was a pre-order exclusive close-combat weapon, included with the Tribal Pack, before the release of Courier's Stash.


The broad machete has a unique world model and an appearance that sets it apart from other machetes; the bolo-style blade is well-traveled and well-honed, making it a more conventional machete as opposed to the makeshift design used by the Legionaries. It also has a unique Pip-Boy icon when selected.

The broad machete has considerably higher DPS (especially at higher levels), and a higher base damage as well. While it does not take advantage of extra limb damage like other machetes, it only weight 1 lb. These factors make it an excellent weapon for melee-based characters, especially early on, where the broad machete tends to outperform other melee weapons by a considerable factor. It's forward power attack is more akin to non-player character power attacks, as well.

Unlike the normal one handed melee weapons, it does not have the "Back Slash" special attack.


  • Machete, the common variant
  • Machete gladius, a quasi-unique variant of the machete that is significantly more damaging.
  • Liberator, a unique and significantly more damaging variant of the machete.


Name Dmg/att DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg AP cost Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
Machete 11 43 1.9 x1.5 11 20 2 50 50 Melee Weapons:25 Strength:3
Machete gladius 28 98 3.6 x1.5 28 20 2 75 1000 Melee Weapons:25 Strength:4
Liberator 18 62.4 3.5 x3 18 18 2 75 1000 Melee Weapons:25 Strength:3
Broad machete 15 48.5 3.2 x2 15 17 1 75 75 Melee Weapons:0 Strength:3


Originally, the only way to acquire this weapon was by redeeming the code that came with the pre-order exclusive Tribal Pack. It can now also be acquired by purchasing the add-on, Courier's Stash.


  • Though the broad machete looks completely different to the machetes found in the main game, the Tribal Pack's promotional poster shows the character holding a plain machete.
  • The charge attack animation is the same as the Legion assaults animation.