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Bravo Company
LeadershipCaptain Ronald Curtis[1]
Notable MembersPrivate Seamer (formerly)[2]
Staff Sergeant Arms Merchant (formerly)[3]
Notable LocationsCamp McCarran
Relations and associations
ParentNew California Republic Army
Child EntitiesAt least three platoons[3]

Bravo Company is a company of the New California Republic Army.


Bravo Company is officially led by Captain Ronald Curtis, but nearly all members of the company are currently garrisoned at Camp McCarran by General Lee Oliver, in order to guard the camp from the local Fiends.[1][4]

Their duties solely involve holding the camp's perimeter wall, and will attack any hostiles that come within range. Their captain is exempt from this duty, and helps Colonel James Hsu with logistics.[1]


Bravo Company appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    (Ronald Curtis' dialogue)
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