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This page is about the weapon that features in Fallout 2. For an overview of machine gun models throughout the Fallout series, see Machine gun. For the version that features in Fallout 2, see Bozar (Fallout 2).
SkillGuns 100
Strength Req.8
Attack statistics
19 (22.6)
285 (474.8)
DPS (reload)
136.8 (222.1)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
15 (21)AP18
Ammo & reloading
Ammo Type5.56mm round
Ammo Cap.30
Reload Time
2.2 (1.6)
Item HP800
Light machine gun
Two-handed automatic guns
Editor IDNVDLC05WeapNVLightMachineGunUnique
Base IDxx000806
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Lord Death
Perks (Att.)
Perks (Rel.)
Rapid Reload
Gametitle-FNV GRA.png
Gametitle-FNV GRA.png

The Bozar is a unique weapon added with the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


Sarcastically referred to as the "ultimate" refinement of the sniper's art, the Bozar is a light machine gun designed from the ground up for use on the move, rather than from a stationary position. The large collapsible stock, front handguard, muzzle brake, and the bulk of this large weapon ensure it remains under the operator's control even when fired in fully automatic mode and despite the long recoil operation. The scope ensures accurate fire at medium distances, while the detachable 30 round 5.56mm box magazine allows for quickly reloading by an infantryman on the move.[1]

A notable downside is that the Bozar requires extra maintenance and can be prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean. If one gives it the care and attention it needs, it will be a powerful, accurate tool no matter when and how it is used.[2]


Bozar expanded

The Bozar is a powerful automatic 5.56mm light machine gun equipped with a mid-range scope. Although it has a lower damage per shot than the standard light machine gun, it boasts a higher rate of fire, lower spread, low AP costs, very fast reloads, resulting in a weapon boasting high DPS ratings. Excellent for player character focusing on Guns and wanting a dependable automatic weapons on short and medium ranges.



Name Type Dmg/shot DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg Spread AP cost Ammo Ammo cap Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
Light machine gun Automatic support weapon 21 252 12 x0.06 21 1.5 18 5.56mm round 90 15 800 5200 Guns:100 Strength:8
Bozar Automatic sniper rifle 19 285 15 x0.05 19 0.75 18 5.56mm round 30 15 800 20000 Guns:100 Strength:8



Behind the scenes

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Guys, let me walk you through my design logic on implementing the Bozar.

  • The Bozar in Fallout 2 was, functionally, an accurate, fast burst fire weapon.
  • Its icon looked cool and very distinctive.
  • Presumably, people like the Bozar because of how it actually worked and how its icon looked, not because of what its description said or how it looked on the Chosen One's tiny avatar.
  • Fallout: New Vegas has scoped semi-auto/bolt/lever rifles dropping out of the sky. From Ratslayer to All-American to La Longue Carabine to the Anti-Materiel Rifle, they are well-represented.
  • Scoped automatic weapons in F:NV: not that many. The K9000/FIDO are the only two I can think of, and those fire .357 Mag/.44 Mag at a relatively low rate of fire (though the Resla Roil increases this dramatically) with a moderate spread.

Based on these factors, I thought the best course for implementing the Bozar was to make it an accurate, fast burst fire weapon -- essentially a unique scoped Light Machine Gun -- that looked more or less like the icon from Fallout 2.

  • Quote source: J.E. Sawyer
  • The Bozar was likely meant to be the Big Gun equivalent of a sniper rifle in Fallout 2, but was ultimately implemented as a fully automatic machine gun.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky has legacy code indicating that the Bozar and the .223 pistol, alongside a .223 ammunition subtype, were meant to be included in the game, but this was never finalized.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If fired one round at a time, the graphics will not correspond to the actual impact point, making the weapon seem less accurate than it is.



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  2. Fallout 2 item description: "{35000}{}{Bozar}"
    "{35001}{}{The ultimate refinement of the sniper's art. Although somewhat finicky and prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean, the big weapon's accuracy more than makes up for its extra maintenance requirements. Min ST: 6.}"
    (PRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout 2))
  3. Josh Sawyer on Formspring: "On the GRA Steam page, it says the Bozar is intended to be an "all-powerful LMG"; does that mean it was intended to benefit from the "Grunt" perk like the LMG? It doesn't seem to, not that it isn't a beast of a weapon as-is.
    Unfortunately, because Grunt was introduced in Honest Hearts (DLC), GRA cannot reference it without introducing load order bugs. Sorry."