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Bounty Notice: &PCName;
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Bounty Notice: <playername> is a holodisk in Fallout 3. It is carried by the regulators who regularly show up to attack you if you have evil karma (see Fallout 3 random encounters).



Notice to all Regulators seeking Lawful Bounties in the Capital Wastes:

Let it be known that the following individual is offered for bounty in the sum of 1,000 caps or similar compensation of expended equipment and/or medical expense, for crimes against the good people of the Capital Wasteland and environs:

Name: &PCName;
Race: &PCRace;
Sex: &PCSex;

Target is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Capture is NOT recommended -- Bounty will be paid upon proof of death (head).

Let's put this devil in the ground and be done with it.


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