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Boulder City train station
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Exterior, interior, and the concrete works
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Map MarkerNone (nearest Boulder City)
QuestsWe Must Stop Meeting Like This, III
Cell NameBCTrainStationInterior
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Boulder City train station is a small station on the outskirts of Boulder City, located across the tracks from the town's concrete mixing plant.


The train station is largely empty outside, save for the old locomotive. The interior is littered with empty bottles and inhabited by a sole bark scorpion. A floor safe (Hard) is located next to the desk in the ticketing office and can be opened with the Average-locked terminal on the desk. The Nuka-Cola vending machine and Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine have the usual soft drink loot.

The concrete mixing yard across the tracks is mostly for flavor, although there is some minor loot to be had by scaling the ramps and walkways.

If the player has not reached Vegas yet, then Victor will appear at the station and act "surprised" to run into them. It will then leave, circling the cement factory and going over the hills north of Boulder City.

Notable loot

Concrete mixing yard


The Boulder City train station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.