Boulder City ruins

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Boulder City ruins
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Part ofBoulder City
Great Khans
QuestsBoulder City Showdown
Cell NameBoulderCity
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Boulder City ruins are what remains of the heart of Boulder City, surrounded by an impenetrable wall of concrete and debris.


Accessed from the northeastern corner, by a barricaded door and an improvised command post set up by Lt. Monroe, the ruins are a stretch of devastated ruins, surrounding a central crossroads. Just inside are three NCR soldiers keeping tabs on the Great Khans holed up at the Great Khan hideout in the derelict convenience store to the west. To the southeast lie ruined buildings with mattresses inside and minor loot upstairs.

Jessup is located inside the hideout, while his hostages, privates Ackerman and Gilbert, are located in the back room in the adjacent building. Dealing with the situation is essential to resolving They Went That-a-Way and Boulder City Showdown.

Notable loot

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Boulder City ruins appears in Fallout: New Vegas.