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For an overview of mine models used throughout the Fallout series, see Mine.
Bottlecap mine
Bottlecap mine.png
Bottlecap mine icon.png
Attack statistics
1 (6.1) + 500 (830) ExplosionIcon explosion.png
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
Item HP5
Editor ID?
Base ID0000433a
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Demolition Expert
( +300 ExplosionIcon explosion.png)
Bloody Mess
(+0.1 +25 ExplosionIcon explosion.png)
Ghoul Ecology
(+5 +5 ExplosionIcon explosion.png)

A bottlecap mine is a craftable landmine that does five times the damage of a standard frag mine.


Bottlecap mines are constructable by the player, using the bottlecap mine schematics. Building it requires a lunchbox (container), 10 caps (shrapnel), a sensor module (firing device), and a cherry bomb (explosive). Locating additional schematics allows you to build more bottlecap mines at a time. Like other landmines, they need to be armed and placed to be used. Unlike other mines, they are larger, have a bigger warning, and make a much larger explosion. They also, accordingly, take a bit longer to arm and drop. Their explosive power is such that one will kill almost any normal non-player character in the game, including deathclaws.

Like normal frag mines, the bottlecap mine can be reverse-pickpocketed onto an enemy to kill them, though it is perhaps an unwise and unnecessary idea considering their explosive radius.


1-3 Bottlecap mine
Note: the amount of bottlecap mines that can produce is dependent on the amount of schematics aquired.


  • A single bottlecap mine can be found on nearly every workbench in the game with a few exceptions. This applies to the purchaseable workbench for your Megaton house. In shops and other non-player character-owned locations, taking it will usually be considered stealing.
  • Three can be found in the Super-Duper Mart.
  • One can be found at the workbench in the Rivet City Market.
  • All of the parts can also be found in Pinkerton's room under Rivet City, including a pile of caps.


  • Bottlecap mines weigh only one-sixth as much as the sum of their components.
  • Even though some duct tape can be seen on the mine, it's not needed to construct it.