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For an overview of bottle caps in the Fallout series of games, see bottle cap.
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Bottlecaps Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png are miscellaneous items that can be found throughout the Commonwealth, and are almost exclusively used by wastelanders as currency throughout the post-War United States.


Due to the metal and imprinting used to create these bottlecaps, their replication is difficult in the post-War wastes, making them a perfect choice for hard currency. As well as being useful for currency, bottlecaps can also be used as shrapnel within bottlecap mines, and can cause severe damage. While many wastelanders inevitably destroy many bottlecaps creating these mines, bottlecaps always manage to remain at consistent numbers throughout the wastes, thanks in part to a few counterfeiting organizations, as well as there still being Nuka-Cola bottles to obtain caps from.


Bottlecaps can be found randomly in most containers, as well as upon most enemies, namely raiders and feral ghouls.