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Boston mayoral shelter
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Map MarkerBoston Mayoral Shelter
FactionsThe Institute
Cell NameBostonMayoralShelterExt
BostonMayoralShelter01 (interior)
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TerminalsBoston mayoral shelter terminals

The Boston Mayoral Shelter is a location in the Commonwealth.


When the bombs fell, the Mayor of Boston, his wife and children, and support staff were bundled into this hidden subterranean shelter. Though the bunker is sealed up tight, the upper levels were breached by an angry desperate mob, who in all probability, were dying of radiation poisoning.[1]

The mob must have assembled when they found that the mayor embezzled funds from public coffers to create this expansive, lavish underground shelter for him, his family, and a select group of bodyguards, for use in case of nuclear war. This extensive facility included living facilities for everyone, complete with an underground basketball/baseball court, a large bar and kitchen, and such luxuries like a separate master's bedroom and bathroom. Understandably angry, the mob tried to get into the facility, but only managed to get as far as the first security checkpoint. Yet the mayor remained convinced that they would eventually reach the lower levels and thus he decided to leave his family a parting gift: Himself. He hoped that if presented with his body, the mob would be satisfied and leave his family alone.[2]

But that plan failed, as the guard who found the mayor did not notice his farewell holotape and simply locked the door to prevent his wife from finding the body. The guard, out of options, asked the mayor's wife to take her and the children down to hide in the utility room in the gym, to wait for the all clear as the situation deteriorated.[3] She did - and eventually perished, as the facility was locked down.Since then the place has been guarded by its automated turrets and a Deathclaw that made its den behind the basketball court, burrowing in from the surface.[4]


Outside the shelter is a control building that opens the locked shelter door. The main entrance leads into an earthen tunnel that terminates in a storage room outside the elevator that leads to the shelter proper. Past a security station is the mayoral living quarters; west of the kitchen are some storage rooms, and a lounge to the east.

Through the lounge are several sleeping quarters, bathrooms and a barracks for the mayor's security detail. A staircase at the end of the hall leads down to a locker room adjacent to a basketball court. A door on the west side leads to a generator room, which also contains an armor workbench and an armor workbench. Next to this room is a busted wall, which is being used as a deathclaw den. On the north side of the court is a staircase leading up to a pipe, which goes all the way back to the entrance of the shelter.

Notable loot


The Boston Mayoral Shelter appears only in Fallout 4.


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    When the bombs fell, the mayor of Boston and his wife were bundled into this hidden subterranean shelter. Though the bunker is sealed up tight, the wall terminal in the guard pod next door opens it without any problems. There’s an explosives box here, too. Head inside and either enter the large pipe or take the corridors and find out what happened to Boston’s mayor."
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