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Boston Public Library
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Map MarkerBoston Public Library
FactionsSuper mutants
QuestsPublic Knowledge
Cell NameBostonPublicLibraryExt
BostonPublicLibrary01 (Copley station)
BostonPublicLibrary02 (library)
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000ebe92 (Copley station)
000ebe93 (library)
TerminalsBook Return Terminal
Curator Given's Terminal

The Boston Public Library is a landmark of the Back Bay Boston neighborhood.


This was the largest repository of historical documentation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a well-visited location before the Great War. A Curator Givens led a crew to the library to preserve all the knowledge that was left, but decades of neglect, water damage, looting, and vandalism had ruined most of the books stored here. The relentless super mutant attacks increasing daily eventually killed the team.[1]

Certain municipal buildings (like this library, hospitals, and police stations) have book return machines where overdue books can be dropped off in return for book return tokens. The book return terminals offer various prizes as well as dispense these tokens.


Copley Station

Main article: Copley station

The library is can be accessed through the front door (which is Advanced locked) or through Copley Station which runs under the library. The entrance of the station leads down to the main subway platform. Going toward the back and hooking back around the subway cars take one to an open car containing a cooking station and connects to another care containing a chemistry station. A stairwell on the east side of the platform lead up to the actual library.

Boston Public Library

At the front entrance, there is a hallway straight ahead and a large records room littered with super mutant corpses to the east. This large room connects to a smaller computer room containing Curator Given, as well as a pavilion filled with broken terminals and display cases. The pavilion opens to a central courtyard containing a fountain to the south and the Copley station entrance to the east.

Down the hallway at the entrance is a busted floor that leads to the central courtyard. Further down, at the end of the end of the hallway is a room containing a chemistry station. The hallway curves leading to the Copley station entrance, going past a few more media rooms.


Notable loot

  • The Intelligence bobblehead inside of the control room on the second floor. It is located behind the body of Curator Givens on a control panel.
  • An issue of Massachusetts Surgical Journal is inside the book return terminal in the entrance for a cost of fifty book return tokens.


The Boston Public Library appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.451-452: "[11.01] BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY
    This was the largest repository of historical documentation in the Commonwealth and a well-visited location before the bombs dropped. Decades of neglect, water damage, looting, and vandalism ruined all the books stored here. The building still has a grandeur and is accessed either by a side entrance (Advanced) or by a subterranean entrance at Copley Station, under the main building. Super Mutants roam these halls now."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)