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Boston Harbor
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Part ofBoston, Massachusetts
FactionsSuper mutants

Boston Harbor is one of the major neighborhoods of the Boston in Fallout 4.

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Since its discovery by John Smith in 1614, Boston Harbor has been an important port in American history. It was the site of the Boston Tea Party as well as almost continuous backfilling of the harbor until the 19th century. By 1660 almost all imports came to the New England coast through the waters of Boston Harbor. With the rapid influx of immigrants Boston transformed into a booming city, however with such a population increase comes sanitary issues. (Such as dumping their waste into the nearby waterways and eventually into the harbor; a common practice throughout history.) By the late 19th century people were advised not to swim in any portion of the Harbor. The City of Boston – like most major cities at the time – would go on to create sewage stations and commissions to deal with the problem. Eventually the water quality in both the Harbor and the Charles River improved, and the projects have dramatically transformed Boston Harbor from one of the filthiest in the nation to one of the cleanest. Becoming a safe for fishing and swimming,[1][2] however this wouldn't prove to last through the energy crisis.

With the loss of easily accessible resources the nation – and in particular the City of Boston – would go on to adopt a (policy/desperate measure) of nuclearization. A process by which as much was powered by nuclear reactors and possible. This however would lead to a separate problem, illegal dumping. A problem of all industries in their early days, improper hazardous waste disposal would go on to be catastrophic to – not only the environment – but also the natural evolutionary state of nature herself.

The radiation seepage would seep into the rivers, lakes, and harbor like the sewage of old. While man took both legal[3] and physical action against the detritus,[4][5] the local crustaceans would be the first to grow ever larger and poisonous. All of which would be ignored by Boston Port Authority and the media. The former of whom stopped taking calls from activists, particularly of the Nahant Oceanological Society,[6] while the latter would spin the stories relayed to them into pro-government propaganda.

Corrupt to the core, the local municipal services of the Greater Boston area would routinely flout basic safety protocols and misallocate funds. Such as the case with the entire municipal water system. Despite a decade-long (c. 2050—2060) plan of modernizing the city's aged sanitation systems,[7] the new equipment procured and updated facilities was of poor quality and use. Such as the case of the Weston water treatment plant, with the catastrophic and systematic failures of the equipment the facility was forced to compensate both in man-hours and even "experimental" waste water recycling. This lead to a cholera outbreak in 2077; to cover for this, the facility staff and regional municipal utility services would collude with other plants to swap out tainted water for clean. AKA the "Weston WELLness press initiative."

This was all compounded by the still functional two hundred year old (at the time) sewage tunnels; built to channel waste water directly to the nearest waterway, they would occasional overflow with combined sewer and rain water. These were never modernized, nor reinforced. Much of these ancient catacombs were crushed by the Great War, what wasn't crushed would be either cut off from the rest of the system or silted up with the harbor itself.

Now, past the shallow waters and rusty hulks the harbor has the distinction of being among the most dangerous – and soggy – of neighborhoods of Boston. Home to Mirelurks, pockets of super mutants, raiders, and the odd roving scavenger, the inhabitants are never friendly. Since the war tales of a sea monster have circulated lurking in the bay.[8]


Template:Boston Harbor Map


  • Scrap metal barge
  • Boat platforms
  • Sunken fishing boat (Spectacle Island)
  • Barge platform
  • Deep trench wreckage
  • Sunken supertanker
  • Scuppered boat
  • Floating barge
  • Skylines flight salvage
  • Boat graveyard
As organized by the strategy guide
  • Custom House Tower courtyard
  • Desolate promenade
  • Locked diner
  • Main boathouse (waterfront)
  • Pedestrian walkway (waterfront)
  • Scavengers' rooftops (waterfront)
  • Scrap metal barge
  • Tinkerer's boathouse (waterfront)
  • Waterfront cabin
  • Waterfront park
  • Warehouse and wharf


Boston Harbor appears only in Fallout 4.


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