Boston Bugle

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Boston Bugle
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Company data
ProductsBoston Bugle newspapers
Key peopleBuster Connolly, Staff writer
Mags Veccio, Staff writer
Tim Stahl
M. Stahlman
Richard Barons
CountryUnited States of America
HeadquartersBoston Bugle building, Boston, New England Commonwealth

Trumpeting Truth for over 50 years

Boston Bugle was a pre-War publishing company in Boston.


A staple of Bostonian life, the Bugle was the largest newspaper in Boston, in circulation for over 50 years.[1] Up until the Great War, it hosted one of the best investigative teams and writers, responsible for uncovering numerous scandals and wrongdoing. The newspaper had the distinction of being one of the few outlets nationwide to openly doubt the domestic and foreign policy of the United States, in no small part thanks to Mags Veccio and his courageous coverage. Another noticeable achievement of the Bugle was the revelation that the President has fled to control station Enclave and abandoned the country.[2]

Beyond high profile investigations and reporting, the Bugle also carried the usual minutiae, including reports on weather, advertisements, the whole nine yards. As of October 23, 2077, the desktop edition cost $56.[3]

Known products



Boston Bugle appears only in Fallout 4.


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