Boogeyman's hood

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For an overview of raider armor in all games, see raider armor.
Boogeyman's hood
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DR8Item HP100
QuestsThe Kid-Kidnapper
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The Boogeyman's hood is a helmet that appears in Fallout 3.


It visually identical to the raider wastehound helmet. The Mohawk type appears on females and the three horned type appears on males. It is not repairable with the raider wastehound helmet, only by non-player characters. It weighs two pounds less than it's regular variant and has the highest Damage Resistance of any helmet (save for power helmets).


It is given to you by Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls, as a reward for convincing Bumble (with a successful speech check) into leaving Little Lamplight. A child slaver is waiting outside the cavern to pop a collar around Bumble's neck. Return to Eulogy as he will now give you the hood as payment. This mini-quest is available after you have visited Little Lamplight.


  • Though it no longer serves any purpose, this item is still found in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas.