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Bolton Greens
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Part ofThe Forest
QuestsKey to the Past
  • Clearable
  • Dungeon
  • Point of Interest
  • Fast travel destination
  • Responder Eyebot spawn
  • Wealthy theme
  • The Forest location
  • Large loot scale
  • TerminalsBolton Greens terminals

    Bolton Greens is a location in Fallout 76.


    Once a private school for the children of the elite of Appalachia, the establishment was defined by its motto, "Ne Plus Ultra" ("Nothing Can Be Better"). Children had access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as: our nine-hole golf course, a fully-staffed horse riding stable, a robust art program, unique team-building exercises and intensive business seminars, with its daycare program believed to be one of the most prestigious on the eastern seaboard. Under Thurston Wellingham, children were subjected to a variety of exercises, including Wine Tasting (provided with samples of several different vintages of wine, none below thirty dollars a bottle), Business Keynote speeches by such notable figures as Daniel Hornwright (presented as "an amazing businessman, who oversees one of the most aggressive and lucrative mining operations in Appalachia, the Hornwright Industrial Mining Company" providing "full of insightful and perceptive information about the corporate world") and yachting excursions.[1]

    Of course, the expense of running such an establishment routinely put the school in danger of bankruptcy, but it continued to operate by pampering the children and taking the parents for every penny they could, including nominal fees for every activity. The last Halloween Gala before the Great War was planned to feature the Appalachian Philharmonic Orchestra to entertain guests dining in the luxurious function hall, enjoying cuisine from some of the finest chefs and receiving a complimentary gift basket at the end.[2]

    In a twist of irony, the Greens became the stronghold of the Gourmands, a cannibal raider tribe. Large, well-positioned, and relatively remote, it was perfect for staging raids on caravans and abducting humans to kill and consume. Notably, the automated robotic chefs were essential to preparing the human bodies, as they accepted any meat as long as the raw meat was placed in the kitchen. The raider warband eventually started to unravel after their leader, Morris and Edie, started killing and eating their own. Exiled from the group, they were sent east, into the mountains, with orders among the rest of the raiders to kill them on sight should they return.[3]

    Points of interest

    • Surrounded by golf courses and wilderness, Bolton Greens has three main floors. The outer areas have some minor loot, while the interior features the foyer, with access to the upper floors, a terminal, and a safe, the dining hall beyond the main doors which contains Billingsley and plenty of spawns for salt and pepper. The golf course reception contains another safe, with a holotape, bobblehead, and magazine spawn. The upper floor contains the game room with stairs leading up to the top floor, with a room for the pupils, steamer trunk, and two more spawns for bobbleheads and magazines.
    • Three beavers can be found southeast of the marker. See this article for details.

    Notable loot

    Holotapes and Notes
    Potential bobbleheads
    • In the baby pram, by the playground near the green bench, outside the mansion.
    • On the concrete steps with the ammo box, on top of the roof of the mansion.
    • On the floor near a golf bag, in the narrow golf course reception office, accessed via the locked door off the kitchen.
    • On an ornate side table, on the north mezzanine balcony, inside the mansion.
    • On or near the small round table with the two burgundy chairs, in the western corner of the upstairs bunk bed room with the large brick fireplace.
    Potential magazines
    • Near the telephone on or under the main reception counter, in the entrance foyer by the pram and bicycle, and pair of double doors (interior).
    • On the shelf of the last counter, by the light blue waste bin, under the window of the golf course reception passage accessed via the kitchens (interior).
    • On the lower bunk bed closest to the sofa, cabinet, and fireplace along the west wall, opposite the trunk, in the upstairs bedroom (interior).
    Other Loot
    • Three recipes in the kitchen
    Dynamic spawns



    Bolton Greens appears in Fallout 76.